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– Applicable for current and new enrollment for all classes in all schools

Mumbai, India, 3 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – VIBGYOR Group of Schools, a flagship chain of KIB-12 schools, has announced that the school will not increase its fees for the academic year 2021-22. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the current economic slowdown due to COVID-19 epidemic and the financial crisis facing families.

In the last few months, the COVID-19 epidemic has killed many people. In its recent report, World economic outlook October 2020: A long and difficult climb, The International Monetary Fund has estimated Of India The GDP grew by more than 10 percent in 2020, driven by the economic downturn in the second quarter of the year. The epidemic has affected many families across the country, in the form of employment losses and trade offs. To alleviate the situation, lockdown, and the need to make changes to digital ways of learning in a short period of time, have affected education for many students. As the country strives to free itself from the virus, it is imperative for such families to increase support, help them cope with their financial crisis and ensure continuity of learning for their children.

Accordingly, Vibgyor Group of Schools has decided to ensure no fee hike for the upcoming academic year. Tuition fees and fees for elements such as post-school activities, V-EMBRK Club, Kids Club, canteen and transportation will remain unchanged for all current students, and new enrollees will be offered at all VIBGYOR campuses.

Shri Peshwa Acharya, CMO, Vibgyor Group of Schools, Detail, “Based on the parents’ response to the ongoing challenges due to the epidemic, we have decided to ban the fee increase for all classes, ages 2021–22. This moratorium applies to both parents who already have children with us, as well as parents who wish to enroll their children in VIBGYOR.

At VIBGYOR, we are committed to enabling quality education and overall development of students, and we believe our decision will successfully help parents facilitate continuing education in their wards. “

In a survey conducted in June, VIBGYOR parents were asked about their views on how education for students should continue, going forward. Most parents were in favor of a strategic re-determination of schools, with an approach that is responsible for the trends seen in the trajectory of the epidemic. Most of them also felt that the online pedagogy delivered through VIBGYOR’s virtual learning system should continue. This indicates that, to ensure continuity of education for students, schools should focus on a blended learning approach moving forward with a mix of online and offline teaching, based on the future course of the epidemic Develops continuously and aggressively.

VIBGYOR has unveiled various initiatives during the past few months, to facilitate continuity of education for students whose parents were financially affected by the epidemic. In May, VIBGYOR announced the EduBridge Scholarship, allowing parents to receive a fee waiver for their wards. More than 4,000 students have already taken advantage which covers an average of two monthly installments, and up to a maximum of three. Later, in September, the school launched the Easy-EMI Education Loan Program, which provides education loans at zero interest to parents with outstanding school dues, as well as parents of new enrollees who need financial assistance is. These programs are in addition to other initiatives, such as monthly EMI (instead of quarterly) and online payment options.

In its continuing effort to make quality education accessible to many more children, and in line with the group’s commitment to honoring dynamic future leaders, VIBGYOR High is opening a new campus in Chokkanhalli, Bengaluru. This new addition takes the count of VIBGYOR schools in the city to 14.

Registration is now open for admission to all classes. To know more, please see www.vibgyorhigh.com.

About Vibgyor Group of Schools

Established in 2004, VIBGYOR is recognized as a group of schools Of India The Most Admired Brands in Education 2018 is a leading chain of K-12 schools, known for their quality education and academic excellence. The group offers a unique range of world-class educational services for the overall development of students in curriculum and co-curricular studies in all their schools. Led by mr. Rustom Kerawala, The founding president of the institution, VIBGYOR Group, is set to explore new horizons with 40 schools in 14 major cities, reaching over 55000 students across the country.

VIBGYOR caters to students from higher grades 1 to 12, and with an average student-teacher ratio of 10: 1 in the VIBGYOR Kids pre-primary segment. VIBGYOR High provides a mixed spectrum of national and international level education in affiliation with CISCE, CBSE and Cambridge International.

VIBGYOR Roots and Rise offers CBSE board syllabus. VIBGYOR Roots caters to the pre-primary division while VIBGYOR meets razor primary and secondary students with a student-teacher ratio of 15: 1 on average.

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