Video .. Iraqi messages to the fans of “Gulf 25”

And before the start of the “wedding” of the Gulf ball in BasraThe Iraqi masses were keen to welcome the guests of the countries Gulf Which will accompany its teams participating in the event, and sent expressive messages via Sky News Arabia, inviting them to come and visit Iraq, and spend beautiful times among their families and get acquainted with the cultural and tourist attractions, in addition to enjoying watching the championship matches.

Many residents of Basra expressed their satisfaction with the start of the influx of Gulf guests to Iraq, hoping that the numbers would increase in the coming days, and that the stadiums would be filled with fans of the participating teams, so that the championship would achieve its goals of reunion among the residents of the region, and support rapprochement and brotherhood among the masses.

A number of Basra residents launched a positive gesture that reflects the generosity of the Iraqi people and the great appreciation they have for guests.Gulf 25Where they invited the Gulf fans who will come to watch the tournament matches, not to stay in hotels, in return for receiving them in the homes of Iraqis, considering that they are honored guests throughout the days of the great Gulf event.

Adnan Darjal, President of the Iraqi Football Association, valued this initiative, especially after the increasing number of fans in recent hours, stressing that 35 hotels in the city were equipped to receive guests.

During the past few days, the streets of the city of Basra witnessed the beginning of the arrival of the Gulf masses, especially through the land ports from Kuwait to attend the “Gulf 25”, and cars carrying the flags of a number of Gulf countries began to roam the streets and landmarks of the city, amidst a great welcome from the people of Basra, waiting for the numbers to rise in The next few hours are via flights, which are expected to transport large numbers of guests to attend the kick-off of the Gulf Championship.

It is noteworthy that the organizing committee of the tournament has prepared a plan to facilitate the arrival of the masses, and an operations room has been formed that will be present around the clock throughout the days of the tournament, where continuous meetings will be held to meet any emergency that may occur, and the masses will be transported to the stadiums by buses free of charge, while working to ensure a high flow of entry. and get out.

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