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It has been more than a month now that cinemas across the country were allowed to reopen. However, the trade lockdown is not as premature and despite this, there have been no new releases in the last 30 days. Due to reduced seating capacity, theater owners and management are unwilling to run the theater as it would push them into further losses.

In Karnataka, cinemas remain closed even after permission to reopen. The theater management in the state has taken a collective decision to close theaters until the epidemic subsides in the state. We hear from the Chandan people that theaters will be reopened in January 2021 and the industry is also praying that this be so.

But this could have happened long ago and the stars of Chandan have started a campaign with #Slogan in a way CigemaemaAgain appealed to people to watch movies only in theaters which eventually left many people not only in theaters but also in the industry Will provide livelihood.

A video of the campaign has been shared by director Puri Jagannadh on Twitter and he became emotional with it. Tweeting the video, Puri said, cinema theater is our mother and prayed that those old days in which there would be festive atmosphere in theaters before the film’s release, should return. The video has gone viral and netizens are also asking the Tollywood industry to create something like this for the audience.

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