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Is ‘Virgin River’ an actual city or town? Fans have been questioning the existence behind the name of the series. Let’s learn more about it.

After debut Netflix In December 2019, Netflix’s original romantic series ‘Virgin River’ has created a buzz among the audience with its twist and turn. The modern day series revolves by Melinda Monroe Alexandra Brackenridge) Who is a health care professional. She is recently widowed due to which she decides to move to a new place to move on from her memories. One day, the nurse decides to apply for an advertisement to become a nurse. She moves to a remote California city called ‘.Virgin river‘. However, with Great drama comes in small town That we look at the mail during the series. His life story further shows us in bits and pieces through flashbacks. Before we dive into finding answers to Mel and Jack’s relationship and Paige and Christopher’s whereabouts, Let’s learn more about the series title ‘Virgin River’.

Highlights –

  • Is the picturesque city of ‘Virgin River’ a real place?
  • The ‘Virgin River’ show is based on a book?
  • Is ‘Virgin River’ an actual river?

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carr revealed that the city, ‘Virgin River’ is not inspired by just one place. People often write to him and ask ‘where is it’? As they wish to go there but have to be reminded that it exists only in our hearts and minds.

The picturesque town of ‘Virgin River’ is a real place?

If you have dreams about spending a holiday there watching the ‘Virgin River’ series on Netflix, we hate to break it to you, but ‘Virgin River ‘is not a real place. It is not even mentioned in the redwood forests of Northern California. The show’s perfect cinematographic scene comes directly from beautiful parts of Vancouver, Canada, and surrounding parts of British Columbia which helps add that touch of serenity to the romantic story of cooking on screen.

Why is the show called ‘Virgin River’?

according to this Country dwellers, If you want to get the feel of that small town, you can visit Snug Cove in communities in Bowen Island, Barnabai and Port Coquitlam, where the show was also filmed.

First view of ‘Virgin River’Welcome to virgin river“Signs was filmed in Agassiz in the East Fraser Valley. Mel and Jack’s frequent hanging spots, “Jack’s Bar”, are filmed at The Watershed Grill. It is a de facto establishment located north of Vancouver on the Squamish River.

Other city sites such as Doctor’s Clinic, Mail’s Cabin, and Paige’s Bakeway are also located in the Vancouver area. The scenes shot at Dock’s clinic are filmed in an actual home at the historic Queens Park of New Westminster, which was recently listed for $ 2.3 million.

Although not an actual city, the ‘Virgin River’ is a de facto tributary of the Colorado River, which extends into Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. So, if you wish to see it, but obviously you will not find Mel, Jack or Jack around the corner.

Is Is Virgin River based on a book?

The newly popular Netflix show is based on the popular Harlequin fiction book series, Robin Carr’s “Virgin River”. Carr wrote more than fifty novels to his name, of which “Virgin River” is one of his most successful series. The series contains a total of twenty books that have sold over thirteen million copies! No wonder the series is ready Release its season 2 among other works.

In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, Carr points out that the city is not inspired by a single place called ‘Virgin River’. People often write to him and ask ‘where is it’? As they wish to go there but have to be reminded That it only exists in our hearts and minds. But to pursue that idea, they can have a sense of community in their own neighborhood or school or church group or community center or library association. All they have to do is That try to make it.

“We make it by being supportive neighbors and good friends and positive people”

He added ‘Virgin River’ can happen anywhere, only when you try more.

Video Credit: Harlequin Books

Is Is Virgin River a real river?

Although not an actual city, the ‘Virgin River’ is an actual tributary of the Colorado River that spans the entire region Utah, Nevada and Arizona. So, if you wish to see it, you can, but obviously you won’t find Mail, Jack or Jack around the corner.

All the outdoor scenes shown on the ‘Virgin River’ left many people spellbound. If you are one of them, give us your favorite view or spot the ‘Virgin River’, wishing you a peaceful retreat to that place in the comments section below!

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