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  • Vistan – “Make in India”, the first Indian company to develop a startup India robot
  • Plans to introduce an array of robots for service (social), industrial and consumer needs
  • Introduction of robot as a service (RAAS) for the first time in India to provide robots on lease basis to meet the needs of the industry

Vistan Miraclegen, A Hyderabad-based start-up, has stepped into developing India’s first home-made robots – “Flunky”. As the new wave of automation kicked in and COVID accelerated digital adoption and automation, Vistan stepped into a new phase of designing, customizing, manufacturing and supplying robots to boost social, service and industrial production .

Vita MiracleGen, started by Ram Raju Singham, an entrepreneur-cum-robotic and technology expert returned to the UK, is on a mission to create a work environment in which robots and humans co-exist under the same roof and co-workers Can exist. The company, which is the brainchild of Singam, is on the verge of launching a series of robots in the next year, custom designed not only for diverse social, service and industrial functions, but for many consumer interface functions . Among the first sets of robots, the company introduced Flunkey as a service robot for the business and consumer interface.

Flunky Robot –

Fully autonomous service bots revolutionize the service sector. Vista MiracleGen invented Flunky with an idea to reduce human interference in tedious and hectic tasks, ultimately helping to drive service sector drives in a smarter and safest way possible. As front-line employees working in every business, and especially in hospitals and clinics, direct exposure to customers poses great risks, Flunky not only treats customers seamlessly, but also gives them Give the best guidance. Possible method in given work environment. In the current COVID scenario, Flunky becomes a necessity of time, as the objective arises to nullify human interaction and social distinction becomes a norm especially in the service sector.

Variants of flunky robot:

Sushruta Robot and Nightingale Robot – Designed primarily to assist patients stepping into hospitals and clinics, Sushruth Robot Helps book appointments, collect consulting fees, clean client’s hands and disinfect body. All of these tasks were done within minutes, while the appointment receipt was printed on the other side, with zero intervention from the receptionist in the hospital lobby. Nightingale Robot COVID-19 comes in the embodiment of an AI-enabled interactive solution with highly integrated contactless technology to track the early signs. The robot guides patients to the respective areas in the hospital for counseling and also helps in performing some preparatory tasks such as body temperature, heartbeat, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, etc.

Healthcare Industry (COVID-19) Special.

  • Flunkey automatically: The robot continuously cleans living areas and helps to keep the surroundings safe and clean. Using an autonomous UV-based disinfection facility where it is difficult for humans.
  • Flunky Kovid-19 Steward: To reduce pathogen prevalence and protect health workers and reduce burden for patients, Flunky Kovid-19 Steward Comes as a rescuer by completing important tasks such as supplying medicines and delivering food to patients.

Hotel & Restaurant Industry

  • Flunky bearer Helps customers end-to-end – from selecting the best dishes from the menu, displaying special offers run by restaurants, closing financial transactions, and recording customer feedback through an application to do. Flunky steward Specifically programmed to perform the task of delivering pre-ordered food to customers at the right table.

banking industry

  • Flunky banking assistant: The robot acts as a multi-task agent and helps customers fill in application forms from digital menus, provide specific information for special offers, act as an unit facilitator and perform time- Also makes special announcements on time.

Educational Robots for the Teaching Industry

  • Flanky Vajra Acharya: The robot takes the learning experience to the next level with augmented reality, which helps students see, visualize and experience things.

Announcing the launch of Vista MiracleGen, Rama Raju Singham, Founder – Vistan MiracleGen said, “We are very excited to be a part of the new phase of automation in India. With the Make in India philosophy, we have decided to conceptualize, design and build robots within India and in the process of building the entire ecosystem, we are training our vendors to design specialized circuit boards and Are also increasing their workforce through learning platforms. “

He adds, “Our robots are working seamlessly to perform more complex and sensitive tasks and can even leave humans behind in terms of time, accuracy and effort.”

Combining the best of cognitive technologies to improve the idea, the Vista MiracleGen team built the prototype robot and then tested and experimented with various use cases from day to day. The research team, consisting of members from global offices, is constantly engaged in research and development of custom design products suited to various industries. Currently, Vistan MiracleGen has a production base in Hyderabad to cater to the domestic market and has strong plans to export the robot to other countries in the coming few months.

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