Walter Never Jessie for Breaking Bad – Nothing ever took place in decoding

At one point in ‘Breaking Bad’, we all thought for Walter White, Jesse Pinkman was no less than his son. But then, how right were we?

‘Breaking Bad’ has been the biggest show ever. There are a dozen reasons that make this underrated show one of the best cinema ever. From the gray but rational characters to the precise use of props and techniques by the manufacturer Vince GilliganEverything comes in the line of ‘Breaking Bad’. However, one aspect that broke much of ‘Breaking Bad’ was the dynamics of the relationship between lead Walter White (Brian Cranston) And second lead Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Breaking Bad was always about the fallout between Walter and Jessie.

The two shared a relationship that went on for the entire show. There were ups and downs and some major hits and some uplifting moments. Although Walter always pretended to care JC under any circumstances. But did he really care about Jessie?

main characteristics –

  • Did Walter really care for Jessie in ‘Breaking Bad’?
  • Walter once cared for Jessie.
  • Things changed for the worse.

Did Walter really care for Jessie in ‘Breaking Bad’?

‘Breaking Bad’ is a show that originated from the ideas of chemistry. Either you consider the main prop i.e. blue meth; Chemistry between characters; Lead to being a former chemistry teacher; Or the main idea of ​​chemistry – the study of change – that served as the core of the show’s story.

Walter Jessie Breaking Bad

Given that ‘Breaking Bad’ is a study of change, whether Walter ever cared about Jessie or not, this cannot be a complete answer. A section of fans have enough examples to point out that Walter risked everything to save Jessie and act as his father.

But there is an alternate side to this chemical reaction where Walter manipulates Jessie for her ambitions and conspires to kill her. But we have an answer as to whether Walter ever cared for Jessie in AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’. Also, check out what Fans on reddit Have to say

Walter once cared for Jessie.

When When Breaking Bad ‘began, the chemistry between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was very different for the first couple of shows. The dynamics of their relationship were very raw.

While Jessie was still a child (kind of) internally seeking emotional support, as there was no hope from her family, Walter was also not in a great mental state. Their needs were being met at different levels; On an emotional level, on a commercial level, and together they were also ‘Breaking Bad’. This led both of them to rationally respect and care for each other. W

The change in Jessie’s father’s age was, of course, more caring and a father figure for Jessie. While Jessie was doing blunders like making a deal with Crazy 8Worried with Tuco, Walter continues to protect him. Be it killing someone, or driving their car over those threatening Jesse, or standing up against Gustavo for Jessie. Walter did it all.

Things changed for the worse.

As the show progressed, we saw how the chemistry and characters of the show changed. The change happened not only in Walter and Jessie’s relationship, but in every other relationship – whether it was Walter and Skylar or Flynn; Jessie, Skinny Pete, and Badger Ho; Slowly everything changed.

Walter gained power, money and personality – I come – he always wanted to be together. He became Heisenberg. Jessies exposure Some events turned him into a profound and emotionally hardened person. Jessie received emotional support and peace in Jane. And as he transforms, he begins to realize how much he really hates the world in which she was living.

Thus, Jessie wanted to be ejected, but Walter now tested blood. This creates an entirely new conflict in their chemistry, due to which Walter sees Jane dying, Walter, molesting Jessie in upcoming crimes such as knocking on the door for him. Walter also planned to kill Jessie, and he sent Jesse to rot in hell for good six Several months into the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’.

It is unjust to say that Walter never cared for Jessie in ‘Breaking Bad’, but then what he did to Jessie cannot be justified with anything. Is there a fair explanation that the entire show went through an arc, and Was this the purpose of the show’s story? None of the characters remained the same as they were in the pilot season. Things changed, situations changed and thus chemistry changed.

This led to the actual breaking of the father-son duo in ‘Breaking Bad’ ie Walter and Jessie.

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