Want to tame a Fox in Minecraft. This is how to do it!

A real wild fox may scare you, but you can be a lovable one on Minecraft. Certainly, Fox in Minecraft is considered incredibly cute. So if you want a dear furry friend, then keep reading to learn how to tame Fox.

Where to Find a Fox in Minecraft?

As cute as they are, foxes are actually a bit tougher than other Minecraft species. Therefore, experts say that in order to locate the beloved fox you need to search for the taiga biome. Apparently, there are cold forests that lie on the surface. One of them is the giant tree Taigas and is where the fox is located. In addition, foxes are found in groups of two or four in these areas. In addition, there is a 5 percent probability of the baby being born as foxes.

Source: Twitter

However, red foxes are commonly found in taiga and if you want a white one, you have to look around the icy ones. Therefore, you will need to keep in mind where you will look after a particular type of fox.

How to tame Fox in Minecraft?

Obviously, you can’t chase or catch a fox to chase one. In Minecraft, you need to create a new one. In other words, you will need to obtain foxes or convince them to breed. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it may sound.

To breed foxes, you just have to feed a sweet plum. To be precise, give one fox a sweet berry, and the other fox with which you want it to mate. Later, wait for the breeding of two selected foxes. As a result, the newly created fox is going to be loyal to you.

However, the process comes with a problem. Apparently, the fox will wish to go after the other foxes. Therefore, you will need to get your foxes away from other foxes. In addition, experts say that the best way to do this is to attach a lead to it. Then, walk away from the fauna and your fox will only look for you.

Things to remember before taming Fox

  • After taking the fox under your shield, make sure to look outside and take care of it.
  • Also, if you choose a white fox and a red fox for mating, the baby fox has a 50 percent chance of being red or white.

Foxes in minecraft
Source: HITC

  • During the nights, the fox occasionally visits villages and feeds chickens.
  • When you try to approach a fox, be patient. If you arrive too early, it will run away because foxes are shy animals.
  • In addition, you must bring a good stock of sweet berries. Before, you can run away from them before you tame your fox.

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