Watch Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd May 2021 ATBA Written Episode: Today Rani Scolds Veer

Watch Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd May 2021 ATBA Written Episode: Today Rani Scolds Veer

In the latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega, there will be some more drama and twists and tonight’s episode starts, Veer gets into Rani’s room where Rani invites Kiara, Rani says you are here I was just cleaning the room, Kiara says “Oh you are Veer”. He asks are you taking your medicines on time, she replies you ask every 30 minutes how can I forget. Meanwhile, Rani looks at his pocket and asks what is there in your heart. He says it’s a necklace that I made for you from shells. Rani blushes and says if you made it for me then what are you waiting for just make me wear it too.

In the other scene Champa throughs some water on Kiara and apologies for that. Kiara gets offended and asks are you crazy or what? Champa says that was just a mistake I didn’t see you coming, I was cleaning. Back to Rani and Veer, he makes her wear the necklace. Rani appreciates his gift. She says it is too good it feels like I’m dreaming, he replies to me too. Kiara reaches the room where she yells “Rani open the door quick”. Rani gets queasy saying Veer just go she will see her, He asks but for how? As Jai is also there is asks “is there any problem let me open the door.

There Rani and Veer both get worried, Rani says you can jump from there but it’s too high. Veer asks how will I jump? and his leg gets stuck, while Jai tries to enter the room by breaking the door. In the next scene, Vikram asks Kiara what are you doing here? Kiara replies Champa dabbled me with the mop water, there Veer gets fleed by jumping. Kiara asks where were you, why you were taking time to open the door, Rani replies I was in the washroom.

Kiara orders her saying go and wash my dress, get the room clean and my kiwi juice ready as well. while doing all work she reminds the moment they’ve just spent. Before the end of the episode, Vikram talks to Kiara and says it’s good that you have cancelled the spa appointment. She starts taking selfies. He asks “you take selfies with everyone just except him why?” She takes a selfie with him and he gets happy seeing her with a smile.

He gets a glass of water for her and says “now I think we should go back to the resort. When Rani meets Veer he decides that he won’t show his injury that he got while fleeing out of there. Somehow she notices his leg and asks “what is that?” he hides and denies to show but unfortunately she sees and starts scolding him because he was hiding his injury. The episode ends with a lot of drama. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates.

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