Watch Barrister Babu Today’s Episode 5th May 2021: Anirudh Marries Bondita Again?

Barrister Babu 5-5-2021

The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu begins where Anirudh and Bondita get worried due to Trilochan’s health circumstances because he is refusing to the hospital for treatment. He demands to Anirudh that if he wants to see him alive so he will have to fulfil his wish to re-wedding with Bondita. Because she is a Lakshmi of their house and he can not see their separation, even if he does it so it will be beneficial for Bondita. Through he can make her life safe from the villagers, and their relation will get the name as well.

Then Anirudh expresses his rage and says that he is not ready to understand at all, and gets worried and wonders that he will have to do something regarding this. Because again he can not give the same life to Bondita as she used to live, hardly they got the separation and she got a right path to continue her barrister study. But again hitches are coming in their way, whose they have to deal by hook or by crook because he can not stake her career at any cost.

After that, Bondita consoles Trilochan that they will not let anything happen wrong with him and he agrees with her as well. But he expresses his stubbornness by saying that he will definitely go to the hospital for the treatment but first, they will have to marry each other. Meanwhile, he turns out Vermillion box from his pocket and offers to Anirudh by saying just fill her head partition with Vermillion. But they both get shocked because they did not expect it at all.

Then Trilochan says clearly if he does not do this so let him alone in this condition, and do not try to convince him for treatment. Anirudh gets confused and says that how can he do this because after a lot of troubles she got a release from this relationship, now he again demanding for their tied-a-not. But Anirudh makes him understand that they have done a lot of things to end this child marriage ritual, and now the petition has also released so it can not be possible at all.

Then he says that he brought this rule in the village and he will have to follow this for sure because if he does not do this, so they will also do the same. So the petition makes no sense, but Trilochan is not ready to understand the matter at all and stick to his words. Now he has created confusion for him so now it’s interesting to watch that at what decision he will take. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 08:30 Pm and for more updates stay connected with us.

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