“We are facing this formidable challenge” – Mercedes feels uneasy with 2021 rules sport

“We face this formidable challenge” – Mercedes realizes they have a tough challenge with the FIA.

The FIA ​​has implemented a chassis freeze and introduced a budget cap before the 2021 season, while downforce has also been banned, so the following season has little stretch for teams to innovate.

Therefore, Mercedes, which had dominated the competition for the past seven years, now experiences intimidation amidst many restrictions accepted by Toto Wolof.

“For us, this will be an interesting year, because we have to prepare ourselves differently than before because of the cost cap,” Wolff explained Autosport Further about his ideas for the campaign.

“We are facing this formidable challenge of a major earthquake with little change for 2022 and regulatory change for 2022. There are factors that are working against us that motivate us a lot, factors that are working for us because we believe that we have a good organization. “

“But overall, we embrace change and we have always done so in the past. So the organization is very keen for 2022. “He added.

Given to team

While Mercedes is still settling its position with Lewis Hamilton, Wolff is ready to lead Mercedes for the next three years And says that he will continue to hold on to his role as long as he feels he can contribute.

“I have enjoyed the connections within the team, and as long as I feel I can contribute, it is my role,” he said. “But equally, I have to make sure that I am not creating bottlenecks in the leadership of the team.”

“And this is my responsibility to my employees, to Mercedes, and to the shareholders of Mercedes GP: to look at the time where I can hand over the baton to someone who is better than me.”

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