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No surprise ‘The Bachelor is a highly profitable franchise for ABC Now that it has successfully completed 24 seasons and will return in 2021 with a new graduate. The show’s widespread success has paved the way for many spin-offs such as’The Bachelorette, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’‘, And The Bachelor Winter Games‘ to name a few. The franchise has given us some good looking men, Who hopes to get the love of his life by the end of the show. Keep scrolling to find out how far your favorite graduate makes it to the list.


  • Who is the star of ‘The Bachelor’ season 25?
  • Is Sean and Catherine still together from season 17?
  • Juan Pablo from season 18 adds it to the list, but for all the wrong reasons.

1/ 10

Sean lowe

Who doesn’t remember Shaun Lowe? The 28-year-old Texas-based football player shook ‘The Bachelor’ fans with his blue eyes, from the very first moment he appeared on screen. He is still one of the most beloved loners in the franchise, mostly due to his successful relationship with the winner even after the show.

Catherine Giudici proposed in original virgin bachelor 17Th A beautiful television post-wedding season. The pair is a success story and is still going strong in 2021 with three adorable children.

2/ 10

Colton underwood

The star of season 23 of ABC’s hit dating show deserves a good spot on the list of the most popular bachelors for entertaining fans throughout the season, especially when he Jumped the fence Front runner Casey Rudolph refused his offer.

Colton, who claimed to be a virgin before entering the show, continues to attract a lot of attention on social media. Colton announces his breakup Cassie said on Instagram earlier this year:

“It’s been a crazy few months since, to say the least, Cass and I have been self-reflecting a lot”.

3/ 10

Ben Higgins

We all knew that Ben Higgins would be a great pick for the show when he was placed third in ‘The Bachelorette’ season of Kaitlyn Bristowe. Indiana’s software salesman was an immediate hit among fans when he became 20th graduate.

Ben eventually proposed to Lauren Bushnell at the end of her season and even got her own spin-off show.Ben & Lauren: Happy Ever After? ‘ However the pair participated in 2017.

4/ 10

Chris soules

Who would have thought that a farmer in Arlington, Iowa would do four reality shows under his belt? First appearing in Andy Dorfman’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’, Chris made a lasting impression on the audience and was quickly selected by the producers for the 19th season of ‘The Bachelor’.

Charming farmer Proposed to Whitney Bischoff but called off the engagement in mid-2015. The former graduate was arrested in 2017 in a hit and run case that killed one person.

5/ 10

Andrew Firestone

Andrew was the cliché definition of ‘The Bachelor’ when he starred in the 3rd season of the dating show. Successor to Firestone tire expressed His love for jane shaft As he handed her the last rose. The couple dated for 7 months and had a breakup in December 2003.

Now married to Ivana Bojilovic, Andrew Firstone is the father of three.

6/ 10

Nick viol

Nick first worked in ‘The Bachelor Nation’ as Andy Dorfman of ‘The Bachelorette’ and as a sitter of the season for Kaitlyn Bristowe.

He had the opportunity to be part of not one but three ‘The Bachelor’ shows before he was announced as the next graduate in 2016. At the end of which he proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi Which was clearly his first choice from day one (let’s be honest).

7/ 10

Jason masonik

Like most other bachelors, Jason was runner up in one season of Bachelorette and later landed a season of his own. Season 13’s single dad of ‘The Bachelor’ did a lot of stunts when he asked Rowley to accept his offer after a breakup with original winner Melissa Rickroft.

Jason may have created some enemies after the finale, but the fans cannot argue over the entertainment he brought with them. Jason married Molly in 2009 and the two are raising their daughter in Washington.

8/ 10

Ari Luyendyk Jr.

Season 22 of ‘The Bachelor’ will go down as one of the most boring seasons. Thanks to Ari Luendyak Jr., but the theatrical finale compensated everything for him when he dumped his fiancée Besca Kufrin (live on camera) and returned to runner-up Lauren Burnham.

Kufrin benefited immensely in the closing ceremony as he achieved season 14 of ‘The Bachelorette’ in the finals, in which he chose Garrett Yrigoyan.

9/ 10

Alex michelle

The first star of the hit franchise ‘The Bachelor’ came to know about the season 1 audition via email when he was a student at Harvard Business School. Alex gives the rose to the winner of the season 1- Amanda Marsh – But she did not propose and the two broke up after dating for a year.

Unlike other fellow bachelors who pushed the entertainment / TV industry after the show, Alex went back to the business world and is currently based in New York.

10/ 10

Juan Pablo Gwalis

When ABC announced its first Latino Bachelor in 2013, fans announced it with a great sense of excitement, as it welcomed diversity. Juan Pablo got the wrong limelight, for all the wrong reasons, while he led 18Th Season of ‘The Bachelor’.

Only two weeks later, after the first episode, Juan expresses his confidence Should not be a gay or bisexual bachelor, For which he later apologized. He also did not retain the winner Nikki Farrell, who broke up with him shortly after the show.

Already updated to 25Th The season that would give Matt James the first Black Men lead of the hit franchise, it appears that ABC is likely to continue the show for many more seasons. No doubt, it makes great TV for viewers who wait eagerly to see who these young people propose at the end of the season.

Who is your favorite person from ‘The Bachelor’? Let us know in the comments section below.

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