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November 20, 2020

Hero Vishnu Manchu made his debut in the year 2003 but he had first success in 2007 with the film ‘S Dehi’ directed by Srinu Vaitla. And there is talk in the industry that this combination is going to repeat.

Adding more spice to the discussion, hero Vishnu himself tweeted that he was going to reveal something very soon. Sharing a picture, it was a description that will be revealed on 23 November.
“Dehi ‘is one of the fav film for thousands of film lovers.” The film was a game changer for the entire cast and crew. This sparked a new slate of films at the time. What could be better than ‘E Dhe’, “Vishnu tweeted.

Apparently Vishnu’s birthday falls on 23 November and hence the second combination of Vaitla and Vishnu is projected on the same date. So an exciting announcement is on the way!

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