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Netflix made its original fantasy drama debut in December 2019 with Henry Cavill at the center. The first season has already revealed some mythical creatures in ‘The Witcher’ universe and Striga is one of them. What is Striga? let’s find out!

Season 1’sTo jamFocuses primarily on what is meant by a thoughtful life. This means killing scary monsters left and right. One of the monsters that the first season of ‘To jam‘We were introduced to a Striga. Third episode of NetflixIn The Witcher Season 1, Henry Cavill’s Geralt battles a deadly Striga in an intense nail-biting sequence. Here are all the kitty-gritty stuff you need to know about a stiga.

main characteristics –

  • What is Striga?
  • Adda White cursed to be a Striga
  • Can the curse be reversed?

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What is Striga?

Beyond common sense, a Striga is a woman who is cursed to turn into a monster at night. As ‘The Witcher’ points out, the curse may also fall on a corpse, as Striga stated that the quarrel in the Geralt series took a curse from her dead mother’s womb. The giant mythological creature, Strigas, is badly disturbed and lopes. Geralt describes Striga as having fought against having a short neck with an unnaturally large head. He also said that it “Tangled, curly halo of red hair“. They are known for their huge, serrated and pointed set of teeth in their jaws, as well as long tables capable of taking off a piece of meat at once.

The Witch Striga in Netflix

like other The mythical creature, Striga, inherits everything from humans. She feels an infinite hatred for all living things and destroys and destroys all that comes her way. A Striga appears only on a full moon night when it hunts down, fighting with great force and speed.

Adda White cursed to be a Striga

Episode 3 ”Treacherous moon“The Witcher” finds season 1 Geralt of Rivia A princess tasked with lifting the Striga curse of Ada the White. Ada the White was born as a Striga to Follest, King of Temeria. Jealous of the incestuous relationship between Follest and his sister (Ada’s mother), a man, a man who loved Ada’s mother, tried to curse Follest. Contrary to intentions, Adda’s mother died, resulting in Adda being born as a Striga. Adda the Striga terrorized Follest’s subjects for years until the Gerilt of Rivia, the Witcher, cured him.

Adda exited her grave as Striga on the final night as Geralt tied Ostrit to a bed. Adda, after taking Striga’s full form, killed the first Ostrit and attacked the next Geralt. Subsequently, an intense battle ensues between the witch and Striga. Geralt tried to tie Ada in silver chains, but he was freed. Geralt managed to get Striga out of consciousness and while she was out, Geralt placed a magical barrier at the entrance that prevented her from going to the scene. Upon realizing that the sun was rising, Geralt and Striga both make a run to the grave, but Geralt arrives first and locks himself inside. The sun completely, as Adda is back in a little girl from a Striga, Geralt approaches her slowly to ensure her complete transformation. However, a worried Ada in pain, Geralt’s throat aches with his claws and the witch bites her neck before exiting.

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Can the curse be reversed?

According to Could the Witcher ‘, the Striga curse can be lifted, although the process is fatal and dangerous for anyone who dares to try it. People falsely believed that spending the night with Striga could lift the curse, but it meant more and better food for the monster. The real way to reverse the Striga curse is that the monster will be kept away from its crypt until the sun comes out.The third time for the rooster crows ”.

However, it does not mark the end of the process. Even if the curse is reversible, there is a possibility that the person may not fully return to normalcy. Some people do not retreat mentally from trauma for the rest of their lives. The damage done to the person’s personality is severe and some people may even sustain some symptoms of Striga, especially if they come to a curse as a child. Measures to prevent the survivor from returning to a Striga also seem imminent. For example, Geralt mentions that a survivor must wear a sapphire tied in a silver chain because silver is the metal that drives the demons back into ‘The Witcher’. He even goes as far as to say that this trick can run just like an “inclusions” coming out of the air trapped inside the sapphire. In addition, burning the broom, aspen and juniper in the fireplace may also be another precaution according to Geralt. However, if the girl dies, Geralt says it is better to burn the body before the nightmares begin again.

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