What is India’s rank in the World Press Freedom Index 2021?


1. On which river in Odisha will the ROPAX Jetty Project be built?

a. Dhamra
B Mahanadi
C. Collab
D. Brahmin
Answer: A

2. Who is the CEO of Nuralink?

A. Max hodak
B Elon Musk
C. Jeff bezos
In de jack
Answer: B

3. In which year Nurlink was established?

A. April 2021
B. November 2019
C. July 2016
D. April 2016
Answer: C

4. When is National Civil Service Day celebrated?

A. 20 April
B. 22 April
C. 21 April
D. 23 April
Answer: C

5. Recently which organization has developed a SpO2 complementary oxygen delivery system?

B. Serum Institute
D. none of the above
Answer: A

6. Why is Ram Navami celebrated?

A. To mark the birth of Ramji. B

B. Rani Kaushalya and King Dasharatha were married on this day.

C. Ram returned to Ayodhya with Sita on the same day.

D. none of the above

Answer: A

7. What is India’s rank in the World Press Freedom Index 2021?

A. 148th
B. 142nd
C. 131st
D. 154th
Answer: B

8. Who can donate plasma to COVID-19 patients?

(i) The donor should recover from COVID-19 infection two weeks before.
(ii) Must be between 18 and 60 years of age.
(iii) The hemoglobin count should be above 8.
(iv) Should have a minimum weight of 50 kg.
A. Only (i)
B. (I) and (iii) only
C. (Ii) and (iv) only
d. All of the above
Answer: D

9. When will the India-EU leaders summit take place?

A. 28 April, 2021
B. 2 May, 2021
C. April 22, 2021
D. 8 May, 2021
Answer: D

10. Recently which ministry started the gender dialogue program?

A. Ministry of Rural Development
B. Ministry of Home Affairs
C. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
D. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Answer: A

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