Wheat MSP fixed in Rajasthan, Government Rs. 1975 per quintal.

There is widespread knowledge about MSP for Rajasthan farmers. Wheat will be procured at the rate of Rs. 1 thousand 975 per quintal during the upcoming Rabi advertisement year 2021-22. Naveen Jain, Secretary, Food and Civil Supplies Department of the Government, said this in a meeting held on Wednesday in the context of preparations to buy wheat at minimum support price.

He is aware that under the Agricultural Manufacturing Program initiated by the Department of Agriculture, the state is predicted to produce around 108 lakh metric tonnes of wheat. He stated that no work under e-procurement was completed in the year 2020-21. But in this Rabi advertisement year 2021-22, the authorities involved have been instructed to finish all the proceedings below e-procurement within the stipulated time.

The Secretary said that it has been decided to consider the suggestions of the Assembly of the committee constituted under the chairmanship of the District Collector for efficient management and supervision of the complete procurement course. They are aware that as per the instructions of the Government of India, a gathering of the State Level Committee for Willingness of Transport Duty and Mandi Labor Charge was organized, in which a skilled sub-committee was constituted for willpower. These charges

The sub-committee will report back to the state degree committee on February 2, based on which the charges will be framed in the upcoming Rabi Advertisement year 2021-22. The purchase cost, along with many factors associated with the purchase of wheat, is the element mentioned in the assembly. Additional Food Commissioner Anil Kumar Agarwal, Rajfad Managing Director Sushma Arora, FCI General Manager Sanjeev Bhaskar and officials of the departments involved are present.

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