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‘The OA’ season 2 did not have Barack Obama or Donald Trump, they only knew Joe Biden and announced him as the President of the USA.

The 2020 US election was like no other, with tough competition among Donald Trump And Joe Biden, but ‘The Oy’ Season 2 already predicted Joe Biden as President. We have the results, although former President Donald Trump took a long time to accept his defeat. Yes, Joe Biden is now the President of the USA. And, several polls claimed that Biden would be the winner. But, among many, some prophetic lovers were surprised to miss it ‘OA’Predicted Joe Biden’s victory in the 2016 US elections. See details here.

main characteristics:

  • ‘The OA’ Season 2 Claims Joe Biden as President
  • Imagination mixes with facts: how true, how untrue!

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‘The Oy’ Season 2 Claims Joe Biden as President

created by Brit Marling and Zal BatmangaliJay, on ‘The Oy’ Netflix There is an amalgamation of the supernatural, science fiction, and fantasy genres. During the second season of the series, the protagonist wakes up in 2016 in a hospital in the parallel universe. The nurse, to check her awareness, asks the President who the President is, to which she answers ‘Barack Obama’. The nurse has not heard the name before, so she is shown directing the patient on TV to unveil the President in the 2016 edition of USA. TV is running headline “President Biden addresses veterans“. On parallel space or “alternate dimensions” ‘The Oy’ season 2 made Biden the President of the United States.

OA ‘Season 2 Claims Joe Biden as President

Although this is only a small scene ‘The Oy’ season 2 And while none of the relations within the archive would be of any importance, during election time the discussion on Reddit began and gained traction, as Biden was formally contesting for the presidency. One of the posted Reddit users,

“In Dimension 2 – Why do you believe Biden is the President and the woman doesn’t know who Obama is?”

Combining imagination with facts: how true, how untrue!

This is not the first time that something is happening where fiction has hijacked the real news. One of the imagesSimpson’, Like the scene from the famous animated sitcom, OA Season 2, went viral, as it reportedly claimed Donald Trump would die on August 27, 2020.

The image was going viral on social media claiming that the most popular animated sitcom in the United States, as ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the demise of US President Donald Trump on August 27, 2020? The photo actually displays an animated model of Trump’s mobility in a coffin. The image gives the impression that it is still from a current episode.

No episode of the sitcom actually predicted his demise and the picture was an unclean one. A Tiktok customer predicts the death of Donald Trump on a random date.

Let’s know how you feel. We can stop mixing fantasy with facts like ‘The Oye’ season 2 scene. And also write what you think about ‘The Simpsons’ rumor. And, how can anyone stop spreading fake news. Write us in the comment box below.

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