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The conclusion of ‘BoJack Horseman’ cited mixed reactions from fans, who achieved a happy ending to see their favorite anthropomorphic horse.

For a show He taught us so many lessons, ‘Boz Horsman’s finale, Although famous, it was difficult to see. An animated series, however, takes his realistic life and how it develops has been appreciated by fans. The series followed Bojack Horseman, a human horse “Lost in a sea of ​​self-grief and boil”.


  • Sarah Lynn met her end in season 3
  • Which other characters died in ‘Ack BoJack Horseman’?
  • Did BoJack die at the closing ceremony of ‘BoJack Horseman’?

Adult animated tragicomedy is set in a parallel world in Los Angeles, specifically Hollywood (After the “D” was stolen). Bojack was once the sitcom star of the 90s, making him a well-known name, but he has never lived alone in his Hollywood Hills. As you may already know, his short-lived fame coincided with its end and the series carries forward his effort to return to the small screen.

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The show is highly regarded in its handling of controversial topics and its portrayal of honest friendship and life. Every character is held accountable for their mistake, especially BoJack, Who does not miss hurting the feelings of those around him.

He receives his sentence at the end of the final season and learns that every action has consequences. Fans may have liked a happy ending for BoJack, but the show was too realistic for him. It expires, but not necessarily what you expect.

Keep reading to learn more about the characters who died in BoJack!

Spoilers below!

Sarah Lynn met her end in season 3

Sarah Lynn (voiced by actor Kristen Shawl) -BoJack was a troubled pop-star and former child actress on Horseman ‘. He played Bojack’s adopted daughter on “Horsein Around” And later became a pop-star. Sara was upset, because of her fight for substance abuse, and acted like a carefree, self-centered and arrogant teenager.

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In season 3, Sara overdoses on a drug given by BoJack, after a month of booing-drinks. At the end of “That is too much dear” In the episode, Sara and Bojack visit the Griffith Park Observatory, their favorite place in the city. He walks out after expressing his desire to become an architect, his last unfulfilled wish.

Sara was very intelligent And dreamed of being an architect for as long as she can remember. He was never able to achieve his goal at an early age due to being forced into fame and substance abuse. Bojack was with him while he was dying, but he did nothing about it. She was an active participant in her own destruction but some fans of the show believe that BoJack may have saved her. Sarah’s death plays an important role Last season Of the series.

Which other characters died in ‘Ack BoJack Horseman’?

Bojack’s mother Beatrice Horseman Initially appears in a flashback but is a supporting character in season 4. In a flashback to her son, Beatrice is seen as passive-aggressive, neglectful and verbally abusive, all qualities that render her unfit to be a mother.

Sarah Lynn and Beatis Bojack in Horseman Finale

She faced her grief by smoking and drinking alcohol, and always made it clear to Bojack that she was ashamed of him. It is revealed that he died in season 5, due to complications around old age and dementia. Bojack revealed that she was with him during her final moments, filled with meaningless screams and cries.

Another character who died in ‘Boz Horseman’ was Corduroy Jackson Jackson, who gives his requests and Death of auto-erotic asphyxia. However, the most unfortunate death occurs in the finale of ‘BoJack Horseman’, which sees BoJack drowning … but with complications.

Did BoJack die at the closing ceremony of ‘BoJack Horseman’?

If we come to know one thing from the conclusion of ‘BoJack Horseman’, it is that recovery is a continuous process. It is a long time to constantly strive to improve yourself, and even if you feel defeated, you have to keep trying. The series proved that this is the only way.

His character’s death ‘Bojack horseman finale Drowning felt like it had been too long. It was inevitable, it was meant to be and there was no other way. Initially, each audience mourns BoJack after they see his depression and addiction drowning him (literally), but that changes when he is rescued by his former housemates.

Video Credit: NerdWire

He was later acquitted and sent to prison for attempted suicide, where he lived a life of remorse. The episode is symbolic of portraying Bojack’s death through a metaphor that makes him live without the people he had hurt and captured him. When he is released from prison, BoJack sees that his friends and the world have left without him.

However, heartbreaking, BoJack was blamed for his actions and simply did not get a free pass. Episode one reminds that friendship develops, and everyone gets an end, but not necessarily happy.

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