Who is Tony Kakkar? – All information in Hindi

Tony Kakkar

Tony Kakkar is the singer of India who Kaichi (A song that forces you to dance) They make it, but due to this lack of them, people keep trolling them, due to which their village also has a lot of impact. What is the reason why Tony Kakkar is always viral?

How are Tony Kakkar songs viral?

All of you must have thought that one day Songs by tony kakkar Why should you be so viral that I can always tell you that his songs are written in such a way that every single word in his songs is spoken for 10-12 times and you Instagram reels Sure to be heard about is that there are millions of video creators who make dance and videos on such songs, now you are wondering what they should benefit from this. Big creator who is Tony Kakkar’s friend They make videos on them, due to which this song becomes viral on Instagram reels and due to this, other people also start making videos on this song.

Neha Kakkar is Tony’s sister?

It is a question in the minds of many people that really Neha Kakkar Tony is the sister of Kakkar because the style of singing of the two is very different, due to which people are always in Confusion, let me tell you that they are really both siblings.

Yo Yo Honey Singh V / S Tony Kakkar

Once you have heard music Honey Singh ‘S song Sure Suna Hoga Hi, he had a song called Sayan Ji The reason that was very much discussed in the internet was only Tony Kakkar, now it would have come to your mind that if Honey Singh composed the song, what is the role of Tony Kakkar in it?

He has no hand in this but his songs, yes, the way he sings songs, the same line keeps playing in the entire song, in the same way, this song was so much heard in this new song of Honey Singh Saiyaan Ji, that is why this song got so much buzz Stayed in

List of songs of Tony Kakkar in Hindi: –

  1. booty shake
  2. Laila
  3. Dheeme dheeme
  4. Goa beach
  5. Bheegi Bheegi
  6. Ludo
  7. Shona Shona
  8. Kurta Pajama
  9. Kanta Bai
  10. Chocolate

His latest video song

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