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The health, securities and investment industries are supporting Biden, while the oil and gas and agribusiness are supporting Trump.

Vote for US presidential election 2020 Will start in a few hours. Democrat candidate Joe Biden Has an edge over the president Donald Trump Many more substantial swing states of the national exit poll. But the path to the presidency will not be easy for him because Trump is also within striking distance. Trump may repeat his success in the Midwest and swing states. Trump’s late voters may be a surprise factor like 2016 When they beat all the top candidates as strong candidates Hillary Clinton.

The path to Biden’s presidency is not yet clear, with Trump within striking distance.

What could happen is that despite the US economy going through a recession, corporate sectors have completely opened their wallets. However, Biden seems a clear winner as he has overtaken Trump’s contribution to Wall Street’s contribution For his candidacy. Even in the business industry, corporate houses are partnering aggressively with one Biden and another with Trump. Center of Responsive PoliticsA non-partisan research group, recently came up with data on companies donating money to political parties in US elections.

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Let’s take a look at the various industries that are supporting Trump or Biden.

Industry banking

1) other

The other category is the largest single group donating money in US elections. The sector includes government employees (not their unions), non-profit organizations, teachers, religious groups and members of the armed forces. Democrats take the lead in the other category with $ 831.4 million (56%) of donations going to them. On the other hand, Republicans have received $ 652.29 million (44%) for the election. The University of California is the largest donor to the Democrats in this category, with $ 9,711,414 in donations.

2) Miscellaneous business

Diverse business groups include consumer retail goods, chemicals, steel, textiles and manufacturing. Democrats also have an edge over Republicans when it comes to donations from diverse businesses. For the current elections, Democrats received 56% of donations for $ 233.4 million, while Republicans received $ 185.3 million (44%). Biden’s $ 44,492,755 donation is ahead of Trump’s $ 29,285,204.

3) Health

The health sector spends most of its time on Democrats. As Trump criticized COVID-19 for its misrule and controversial statements, the health sector’s inclination towards Democrats became more important. Its contribution to Democrats ($ 218.9 million) is nearly double that of Republicans ($ 113 million). In terms of donations to individual candidates, Biden’s $ 46,925,079 donations exceed Trump’s $ 19,839,666 miles.

The healthcare sector’s contribution to Biden ($ 218.9 million) is nearly double that of Trump ($ 113 million).

4) Insurance

The insurance industry has rekindled its trust in Biden with donations of $ 6.28 million and $ 4.33 million to Trump. The biggest contributions for him are Blue Cross / Blue Shield and New York Life Insurance. Blue Cross donated $ 2,045,088 to Democrats, while $ 1,113,385 to Republicans. However, Republicans ($ 38.8 million) are slightly above Democrats ($ 38.18 million) in donations.

5) Securities and Investments

Securities and investment are in favor of Democrats with 63% ($ 161.7 million) and 37% ($ 94.5 million) in favor of Republicans. This section is also the biggest source of political contribution. The region has largely set its hopes on Biden. They Biden gave $ 13,445,047, while Trump received just $ 2,709,325.

Securities and Investments, the largest source of political contributions, is also overwhelmingly backing Biden ($ 161.7 million) against Trump ($ 94.5 million).

Industries that support Trump

1) oil industry

Trump, through his statements, has created his own image of a person not doing environmental protection on oil industry jobs. As a result, the oil industry is leaning more on Trump. By one estimate, 83% of the oil and gas industry’s donations have gone to Republicans ($ 48.5 million). Democrats received just $ 9.6 million (17%). Trump received $ 2,603,625, while Biden received just $ 1,280,239.

Exxon Mobil and Chevron, two of the largest oil companies, have increased their donations compared to Hillary’s 2016 campaign. Chevron has donated about $ 5 million in the 2020 election cycle, 28% of which went to the Democrats. Exxon has spent a little over $ 1.5 million, 41% Democrats.

Exxon Mobil and Chevron, two of the largest oil companies, have increased their donations compared to Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

2) Electric Utilities

Electric utilities companies keep a keen eye on US government policies regarding clean air regulation and waste storage. He has been a big supporter of Republicans for years. During the 2016 elections, he donated $ 21.6 million, 62% to Republicans and the rest to Democrats. The current election cycle is no different. The industry has donated $ 23 million, 54% of which has gone to Republicans. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and Exxon Corp have contributed $ 1.82 million and $ 1.77 million respectively, Giving 56% and 65.8% to Republicans.

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3) Commercial Bank

Commercial banks split their donations between Democrats and Republicans, but they favored Republicans for the last few elections. However, they have gone back to their old strategy of splitting donations, giving Republicans a little more money than Democrats. Republicans have met $ 22.7 billion against Democrats’ $ 20.7 million. However, as far as personal performance is concerned, Biden’s $ 4,851,728 donation exceeds Trump’s $ 1,990,296.

On a personal level, Biden ($ 4,851,728) donated Trump ($ 1,990,296) from commercial banks.

4) Agribusiness

The industry became relevant in the midst of America’s trade war against China. Since the 1990s, agribusiness has supported Republicans. In the current economic scenario, they are again supporting Republicans. They are donating $ 69.8 million to Republicans against $ 36.9 million to Democrats. A similar tilt can be found for Trump who received $ 7,440,844 compared to Biden’s $ 5,007,449. Agribusiness includes livestock and meat producers, crop producers, dairy farmers, poultry and egg companies, food manufacturing and tobacco companies.

5) Construction

Construction is another sector where Republicans get a lot more support than Democrats. The sector includes homemakers, general contractors, specialized trade contractors, construction materials, construction services and equipment companies. The region has donated $ 81.6 million (64%) to Republicans, while Democrats have received $ 45.9 million (36%). Trump is ahead in the individual race with $ 13,842,370 in donations. Biden has received $ 8,628,327.

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