Why do online casinos ask players to verify their identities? – Bulletin Time

Online gambling is a leisure activity that anyone around the world can enjoy. Although we say that anyone can enjoy it, however, it is not really that easy. There are restrictions on exactly who and how they can access online casinos.

Therefore, when players gamble at licensed online casinos, platforms usually ask players for legal documents to verify their identities. There is a legal KYC (No Your Customer) process that has to be accepted by the sites for the users to go through there.

So, what are these legal documents and why do online casinos ask you exactly to verify with you? Let us know all the details below!

Legal documents required for KYC process

Typically, casinos ask for your personal and address verification using your legal documents. To be valid here you have to get these documents from the government of your country.

For personal verification, documents such as passport, national identity card and driving license are valid. For address verification, your utility bills, tax bills and bank statements are considered. While these remain common documents, they can also change from one online platform to another. Meaning, different casinos may ask for different legal documents for verification.

Reasons for conducting the KYC process

There are many reasons why a casino has to force you into your KYC process. These are:

Binding rules

Licensing officials told the casino to keep a log of all players’ identities. This is done to curb illegal activities like money laundering and the like.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory for sites to ask their players for their legal documents and store them.

Surveillance underage gambling

Another reason casinos ask for your personal verification is to find out your age. Most countries have set the age of 18 or above for online gambling. Players from some US states must be at least 21 years old to access online gambling.

So, make sure that you are of such special age and let you use their platform. For anyone below the age limit, the site remains inaccessible.

Apart from preventing underage gambling, it also ensures working in coordination with international online casinos with governments of other countries.

Per capita bonus

Almost all online casinos follow a bonus rule per player. This means, if you are benefiting from a welcome bonus on the ‘XYZ’ site, you can enjoy it only once. After that, you can proceed to enjoy other bonuses.

However, some players sometimes try to create multiple accounts in their own names to enjoy the one-time bonus. Along with your legal identity documents, casinos can prevent such misuse of bonuses.

All in all, the casino accesses your information with the best interests of all. Furthermore, to avoid data theft and such disasters, all the data collected from punters by most casino owners is stored in secure servers.

On the other hand, if you want to find a safe online casino, don’t forget to check Casinobee, Where you can find a detailed list of them.

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