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For those who paid attention to that description, but couldn’t figure out what the reason was, we’ve got you covered.

Ind Breaking Bad is undeniably the most popular and recognizable drama series. AMC The neo-western crime drama about the Met drug lord, who became a school chemistry teacher, ran from 2006 to 2013 with a total of 62 episodes in 5 seasons, and also received a follow-up sequel.El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’Which came out in 2019. The show is also based on a prequel series – ‘better call Saul‘Which is currently underway. The awards and the show are too long to list the accolades and the show is actually registered Guinness Book of Tech Records as the most critically acclaimed show.

main characteristics –

  • Brief events following and after the accident
  • Who was the blue ribbon for?
  • Walter White breaking character

If you paid attention, you might have noticed that many ‘since the plane crash’Breaking Bad characters were seen wearing blue ribbons. Saul Goodman, the sledgeball criminal lawyer, was seen with the longest blue ribbon. Not long after the tragedy, Saul found a way to monetize it by demanding compensation from the airline company on behalf of Albuquerque citizens. But was there any more than the blue ribbon? let’s find out!

Video Credit: Netflix

Brief events following and after the accident

The season 2 episode started with mysterious shots Half burnt teddy bearA man in a dangerous suit as well as a very random wreck in the vicinity of the White House. Many viewers suspected that those scenes indicated an explosion in Walt’s home due to a chemical reaction. The show surprised viewers when it was revealed, in later episodes, that those scenes were about a plane collision and the resulting wreckage. Walt eventually began a series of events and results An airline traffic controller led by Jane’s father is ejected and allowed to collide.

Breaking bad blue ribbon

It all started when Jessie moved out of her aunt’s house and joined Jane’s father on rent and was managed by Jane. Over a brief period the two developed feelings for each other in which they used heroin together. One night when Walt was trying to reach Jessie but couldn’t, He decided to enter her house and found the couple in a state of unconsciousness. Walt sees Jane kneeling over her own drug-induced vomiting and proceeds to help her but stops and lets her choke. Jane’s father is distraught over his daughter’s death and goes back to work Poor mental state. As a result, he is fired from his job and the two planes are allowed to hit mid-air.

Who was the blue ribbon for?

Due to the negligence of Jane’s father, which can be attributed to her sorrowful mind, two planes, one passenger and the other a charter, hit Albuquerque in mid-air one morning. This incident Due to which 167 people lost their lives and many were injured. (From the falling debris of the accident). After the accident, many people in Albuquerque were playing a blue ribbon to show their condolences to each other dead and solidarity.

Video courtesy: BusinessKast

Walter White breaking character

Walter’s speech to high school students was nothing short of absurd, and many commented, completely characterless for him. Walt is one who does not like to cut corners in his work, is highly professional and a perfectionist. although Accident incident Certainly a bit torn by him, he begins to realize that he was at the beginning of the series of events that led to the accident in the first place. If he doesn’t let Jane die in her father’s, her father’s vomit (Similar to Walt in his professionalism) Most likely did not explode.

To justify his actions, he tried to convince the school crowd that the accident was not so bad. He calls it only the 50th worst air disaster and the bereaved students “See the bright side of thingsThe passenger aircraft was not even at full capacity. Walt was trying to avoid any moral responsibility for his role in the accident, it was very clear.

Video Credit: Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

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