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Therefore, here we have a show that is essentially about angels and demons and the end of the world, which at first glance will not come strictly to a mature audience. However, ‘Good Omens’ available on Amazon Prime has got a rating of 16+. but why? let’s find out!

Amazon Prime’s adaptation of the fantasy novel by Neil Giman and Terry Prachet Has made its place in the high office of the people. ‘Good Omens’ has set off a storm as Michael Sheen and David Tennant bring the dynamics of life between an angel, Azirafel and a demon, Crowley, to the surface of the Earth. This is not just a cute fairy tale about angels and demons. ‘Good Omens has received an Amazon Prime 16+ rating. Why here

main characteristics –

  • ‘Good Omens’ has a rating of 16+
  • IMDB labeled ‘Good Omens’ TV-MA
  • Are parents concerned?

‘Good Omens’ has a rating of 16+

Before we do what and why Amazon prime Understand the rating of ‘Good Omens’, it is important to understand what the content of ‘Good Omens’ is essentially about. Nice Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch ‘first began as a novel, written by Giman and Prachet and published in 1990. Last year, Amazon Prime was adapted Novel in a short six-episode series And surprisingly managed to reach an entirely new line of audiences.

Video courtesy: Buzzchomp

As the story unfolds, we see an angel with all the sweet and absent-minded, Bentley forming a warm friendship with the driving demon Punk. Crowley, the demon, acted irresponsibly some eleven years ago and placed Baby Entitcher with a middle-class English family, which actually turned out to be a ticking time bomb. Realizing the irreversible consequences that can outrun the Antichrist (who are now grown up and ready to destroy the world), to stop our precious angel and demon fight “Armageddon“.

As it turns out, Amazon has given ‘Good Omens’ an overall rating 13+. However, Some episodes are rated as 16+. While Episode 2 and Episode 3 are rated 13+, Episodes 1, 4, 5 and 6 are rated 16+. To be fair, since most episodes are rated as 16+ with the exception of only two in this six-episode mini-series, it can be said that the entire series has a rating of 16+, technically. By form, we mean.

IMDB labeled ‘Good Omens’ TV-MA

Since we are on the subject of ratings for ‘Good Omens’, it is not only Amazon that has considered it suitable for mature audiences, but IMDB Which has rated the series as TV-MA. For the uninitiated, TV-MA is a show obtained to establish that the content may present graphic violence, dishonest language, graphic or sexual nudity, or a mashup of two or all of them. TV-MA ratings generally mean that content is strictly for mature audiences to enjoy. In fact, sometimes just a few rough dialogues are enough to land a show with this rating.

Good omens amazon rating

According to IMDB’s original guide to ‘Om Good Omens’Most of the show’s scenes are labeled as “gentle” except for a few mild and frightening scenes. “Medium”. “Sex and Nudity” The category is mildly rated with some descriptive descriptions, mostly tagged as non-sexual. For example, it mentions a brief onscreen depiction of a naked woman walking away from the camera, though non-sexual. Other words and scenes are used, which, although may be called mild sexual, are not sufficient to make an impression.

Violence and gore“”Profanity“”Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking“Categories have received a similar”Light“Tag. mostly “Frightening and intenseThe visuals have been called benign. However, a view is mentioned under the same category that may be out there. IMDB explains,

“Adam and his victim of hell can be quite scary, especially when Adam is coming under his power”.

Video Credit: Amazon Prime Video UK

Are parents concerned?

Regardless of Amazon Prime or IMDB’s ratings for ‘Good Omens’, what it really comes down to is if parents feel that the content is suitable for children under 16+. Apparently, parents are much nicer than IMDB or Amazon. a parent What was said,

“My 10-year-old daughter enjoyed it almost as much as I did, and I liked her questions and comments, it was not only entertaining, but it made her think and think. Yes, there is some swearing and a sign to have sex, but I was fine with it. So was she ”.

Another parent wrote,

“This is an unprecedented show that is enjoyable for a wide age range. There are some dark / dark scenes but no blood or gore. There is a sex scene but very brief and no nudity. There is reference to prostitution and pornography. The language is uncontrolled, but quite strong, with some “nonsense” and (* whispers) 3 examples of the word. Overall an excellent, quirky show with great acting, interesting plot and hilarious scenes. Young children, teens, and adults will enjoy it ”.

It all boils down to your level of comfort in the end. Do you think the 16+ rating by Amazon for ‘Good Omens’ is correct? Let us know in the comments below!

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