Why is Ravi Teja promoting crack in Vizag? – TheMiracleTech

After a long hiatus, Ravi Teja was relieved as the success of the crack. The film’s positives and its big opening gave a much needed break to Ravi Teja’s declining career.

With the lead he got from the success of Crack, Ravi is now going out to promote the film. However, Ravi is focusing more on Vizag. He has a special interest in Beech City. Let’s see why.

Apparently, Ravi Teja took less remuneration from crack makers than his previous films. Given his track record, Ravi paid relatively little and instead he is sharing in the profits of Vizag and other surrounding areas. This is why Ravi has decided to aggressively promote crack in and around Vizag.

Hence the makers of Crack have organized a huge event in Vizag on the second day and celebrated the Crack program widely. Now, Ravi is hoping that it will further boost the film’s collection in Uttarakhand in the coming days. As Crack is going to have stiff competition from Red and Alludu Adhors, it needs to be seen what is in store for Crack.

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