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‘The Witcher’ boss finally explodes about the strange young appearance of the elusive bard.

‘The Witcher’ has been all the rage since the beginning of this year, it is one of the most Netflix shows right now and may even give ‘game of Thrones‘A run for his money in the fantasy genre. The show preceded the highly popular video game ‘The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt‘Who earned the game’Game of the yearAbused the franchise in the title and mainstream popularity. The TV series is based on a series of fictional novels written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, in particular, “dying wish“And”Sword of fate“, Which is a series of short stories dating back to the main work of Sapkowski. Sometime back, listener Chloé ‘Jaskir’, a major secret slip about the friendly bard and Geralt’s partner. Here is everything we know so far!


  • Story so far on Netflix’s The Witcher
  • Who is Jaskeer?
  • Why is not Jaskir’s age?

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As Netflix dropped the first season of ‘The Witcher’, fans of Fantasy went into a complete frenzy. Fans were surprised to see how Geralt’s character suited Henry Cavill and how Netflix Managed to pull off such a difficult series. Even now, almost a year after its initial release, fan circles are rife with fan theories. Jasquir, Geralt’s funny sidekick and the show’s comic relief, have been the recent targets of some of these fan theories. Apart from the question of his not being old in the series, there are other questions that have left the show. Let’s check it out

Story so far on Netflix’s The Witcher

If you’re completely new to the franchise, it’s hard to keep up with the Netflix fantasy web series. The show switches time and duration rapidly; Too fast for some viewers. So, let’s move on to the story so far, so we’re on the same page. The series begins with Geralt’s inclusion, somewhat inadvertently, in a clash between Renee, a fugitive princess and Stegobor, a powerful mage. Stregobor forces Geralt’s hand and he fulfills the prophecy of ‘Blaviken’s Butcher‘. Yenifer, a deformed girl is adopted by Tisia who trains her with other girls to become a pimple. Geralt is recognized in a local bar by Jardier, who lives with him to immortalize his travels and adventures.

Jaskier in the Witch | Trending today | Tech

They end up grumbling and have taken the human-elusive Yogini Raja. After Giri destroys Queen Kelanthe’s forces, Giri manages to escape from the clutches of Cairo of Neriford. Geralt and Yaskier are told by Borch, a rich treasure hunter, to go on a dragon hunt on a mountain. It is revealed that Borch himself was a dragon and the dragon was trying to protect the eggs from other treasure hunters, with whom Geralt eventually helps. The season comes with the Battle of Seiden Hill, with several tables sacrificing their lives while fighting against Nilfgaardian soldiers, led by Fringilla, a mage, and Yanfer’s companions.

Who is Jaskeer?

Yaskier is Meera, the outgoing and cheerful bard who spots and recognizes Geralt in a local bar. He invites himself when Geralt contracts to kill the “grain stealing devil” at once. He promises Geralt that it would be very beneficial for a witch to have a bard as her companion so that her feats stay on her rhythm forever and spread throughout the country. Since then, the two became travel companions and close friends.

Why is not Jaskir’s age?

Fans reported that Geralt had met Jasquir for the first time since that time and the time they both went to hunting dragons with Borch, a 40-year hiatus; Hence the question was that Jaskir was not of age at all. Was he anything more than a human? For this, listener Lauren Hisrich Replied-

“No, that was just a mistake”, she laughs. “We extend this time in our writers’ room, like, two whiteboards and that’s how we put the stories from season 1, like tracking to make sure everyone fits into it. Jasquir always The exterior was because Jasquier. It’s too old that season. No, he just had great genes, you know clearly. “

If you wish, you can get more information from Hisrich Reddit Ama (ask-me-anything).

Gartak’s side jaskier in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ is not of any age in the series, even though he is a normal human being. The cause was revealed by listener Lauren Hisrich as a “mistake”. What do you think Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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