Why Keith Lee was replaced in the US Title Triple Threat match at WWE Elimination Chamber


The real title Why Keith Lee was replaced in the US Title Triple Threat match at WWE Elimination Chamber. The Limited was not a part of the match.

The United States Triple Threat match was originally scheduled to take place between holders Bobby Lashley, Riddle and Keith Lee. Lee was ruled out of the match due to injury. However, instead of making the match a single clash, WWE arranged a fatal four way on the kick off show to determine the third contestant.

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Ricochet, Ilayas, John Morrison and Mustafa Ali struggled for a spot in the US title match. Morrison topped his place. However, many wondered why they couldn’t just be the same between Lashley and Riddle. Ultimately, this is what Roman Rains did when he won the Universal Championship in 2018.

The triple threat match between him, Brock Lassner and Bron Strowman was changed to a singles match. Then why did WWE see it in the Elimination Chamber last night to bring in the third contestant of that match.

Real Reath Why Keith Lee Replace in US Title Triple Threat Match at WWE Elimination Chamber

According to Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer Radio, To maintain WWE’s plans for the end of the event. It was necessary for a third person in the match to ensure that the title was snatched away from Lashley, without pinning it, ultimately determining the pay per view conclusion.

“Now you know why they didn’t match the singles and why they were adamant about it because Keith Lee didn’t match the singles in it, but it just wouldn’t work for what they were trying to do. So that’s why He had to meet Morrison or someone else in the match. Anyone could replace that third man, because he needed to. “

Lashley vied with Drew McIntire for the WWE Championship last year. After playing a huge role in naming the title, it seems that the two will have an event together for WrestleMania this year.

It will also be interesting to see if Lashley once again picks up a gun for the WWE Championship. Eventually, he was instrumental in the Miz becoming a two-time WWE Champion.

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