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Contrary to rumors that debutant heroine Shirley Setia is being paid one crore rupees by Naga Shaurya and her own production house, it is revealed that the new actress is being paid around 35 crore rupees as her remuneration. Having agreed is brought on board. This is a decent payout for a newcomer in Tollywood. Given the current circumstances in the industry following the Kovid-19 epidemic, remuneration for cast and crew has been cut to reduce production costs. Earlier, there was a change in the budget of the films. Even the Producers Council has openly announced a cut in remuneration. However, there is no emphasis on payment to artists and technicians. There is still no clarity on theatrical release. All these are affecting the budget as the producers want to make unwanted promotions in payments as before.

Pointing to foreign beauty Shirley Setia, she said that her roots are foreign. She is an Auckland singer and actress. While he had already made his B-town debut Maska and got the look, he signed another Hindi film, Nikamma, with Shilpa Shetty and Abhimanyu Dasani. He was also featured in Forbes magazine. Shirley’s Bollywood connection inspired Naga Shaurya and director Aneesh Krishna for their next song. Proving to be a romantic comedy, the film’s shooting is expected to begin next month.

Shaurya is working on a play together, with Parthu Sharath Marr. He is doing Varun Kavalinu with debutant film director Lakshmi Sojanya, who assisted Krishna Vamsi and Shekhar Kammula. Once Shaurya is freed from one of the films, he will be involved in the shooting of NS22 i.e. Aneesh Krishna and Shirley Setia.

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