Will Amazon Prime Video’s Tandav be India’s House of Cards?

‘dance of fury’Is ready for its release as we have now come closer to the release date. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video on January 15, 2021, ‘Tandav’ with all the right amount of glitz and glamor will be a political drama of sorts and possibly the first of its kind on this large scale. With an impressive ensemble cast in which Saif Ali Khan is a power-hungry and manipulative politician against the character of Dimple Kapadia, who will be portrayed as a strong and independent woman in the field of politics.

The orgy is being mass-produced, and some of his shots have been circulating on the internet since last year. Tandav reminds us of the first web series, “House of Cards”, which hit the floor and was showcased on Netflix and is one of the biggest political shows to date. The show became the first web series to win the Golden Globe Awards, the Emmy Awards, and many more to come.

To win a mainstream award for an online film or series, India already has Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Andhadhun. Though it was a film that won awards, it would be wonderful to see Tandava achieve the same greatness. In addition, being told that Tandavs open up a genre with ease, but less explored over the years, the crime thriller genre has been at the end of great, positive commentary.

With Tandava it seems as if the political style will open up even more. We could have films like Rajaniti but there was always an angle that pulled us from the main topic, which is politics. On the other hand, some political dramas have also taken place but not all could live up to their names.

Being greeted by Pratibha Ali Abbas Zafar and is so powerful and gorgeous with an ensemble cast, it definitely looks like it will be doing some head turning activities during its run. It will be very interesting to see if it really covers the genre well and will it really be India’s answer to Netflix’s House of Cards? It will now be answered on 15 January.

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