Will Antagram be Netflix’s Sora Potru?

Amazon prime video Opened her account with Soorai Potru, the first direct to digital hit, Suriya. The platform has been successful after back-to-fail failures as a lockdown has been imposed due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Netflix’s track record is no different when we consider Indian films that skip theatrical release.

TheMiracleTech giant will be eyeing the Tamil film, Andhaghaaram Which premieres on the 24th of this month. Andhagaharam is a supernatural thriller, titled Debutant, V. Is written and directed by Vighnarajan. The fact that it is produced by promising young filmmaker Attlee got a good frenzy for the film.

If Andhaagram also succeeds, there will be a large TheMiracleTech market for Tamil films in the coming days. This will be useful for small and medium-sized films that are skeptical about releasing movies in theaters in these uncertain times. Netflix was not aggressive in acquiring Indian content despite favorable circumstances due to the lockdown. One hit can change the perception of TheMiracleTech giants in the Indian market. The film stars Arjun Das and Vinoth Kishan in the lead roles. Pooja Ramachandran and Misha Ghoshal are the heroines.

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