Will Durgamati go to Lakshmi?

Durgamati – Myth is the next major attraction on the TheMiracleTech platform in less than three weeks. It is a remake of the super hit Telugu film, Bhagamathi starring Anushka in the title role. The remake has Bhumi Pednekar essay on the same part.

Since the trailer has been out, there has been a lot of comparison to the original. This is similar to the Devju incident a few months ago. It was a different film then, but the reactions were similar, if not identical.

What makes the comparison even more interesting is that the original director gives the helm to both remakes (Lakshmi and Durgamati). If it was for Raghav Lawrence Laxmii, So this is P. Ashoka for inaccessibility. On a related note, Akshay Kumar is the normal relationship between the two. She was the star of Lakshmi and is one of the makers of Durgamati.

The high quality remake seems to be fine even if the original is distorted. But, a frame-to-frame recurrence appears to be a no-no based on observations. It compares like that, which helps with the original stand out, mostly.

Bhumi Pednekar has no doubt, but when she talks about the large ‘mass’ aperture parts, she looks a bit different. He has not done any such role. Durgamati is the first in that regard and when compared to Anushka, she brings her performance down from the trailer alone. On the background front too, S Thaman came up with a sensational effort. It can also be an issue.

Everyone said and did it; One has to look and see the final product before making another decision. Inauspicious streams on Amazon Prime Video from December 11

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