Will Nani’s hat-trick prediction come true? – TheMiracleTech

Like many Tollywood heroes, Nani who does a good number of films every year has not had a single release due to prolonged lockdown due to coronavirus epidemic. But, Nani is going to give Triple Entertainment in 2021. Yes, Nani’s three films will be released next year.

Nani predicted that he would deliver 3 super hit films in 2021 like he did in 2017 with Nenu Local, Ninnu Kori and MCA. “# Nani28 is #AnteSundaraniki 2021 2017 Hoga Steroids”, he wrote on his social media account.

There is no exaggeration in Nani’s statement, three films of the actor coming in 2021 are making enough noise with promotional material beforehand. Take the case of Tuck Jagdish, so far only the title poster was released, which featured the concept posters of Shyam Singh Roy and Ante Sundarani.

The three films are different from each other, as told through the poster. While Tuck Jagdish is a family entertainer, Shyam Sinha Roy is an action thriller in the backdrop of Kolkata and Ant Sundarani is an out and out entertainer.

Hilarious entertainment, Ante Sundarani’s screen print saw nearly 1 million views. This is no small achievement for a motion poster.

The question is whether Nani’s prediction of giving a hat-trick in 2021 is correct?

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