Will Sakthi agree to marry Varun ?: Mouna Raagam

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Vijay tv popular show “Mouna Ragam” launches it’s another season.”Mouna Raagam season2″ is continuous with a leap of 12 years. This time audience gonna witness the love story of ‘ Sakthi and Sruthi’. Earlier we saw that Manohar offered help to Sakthi. Viewers will see that Sakthi promise to Manohar

In Today’s episode we see; Manohar informs to his family that he never saw Varun open up with anyone like this. He thinks that girl is perfect for Varun, so he is going to perform their marriage. Tharun advises to him don’t take any decision in rush. Manohar informs to all he can’t able to show his head out if this marriage didn’t take place. Manohar sends Tharun away. He reveals to Sheela that Sathya whom saved Varun and he thinks she is perfect for him. Sheela says she is good girl. Doctor meets Sakthi and asks her to sign the papers. He says to her that he is going to remove all life saving mission from her mom. He asks her to discharge her. Sakthi falls on his feet and begs him to give extra time to her. She says to him that she will arrange money in one day. Doctor refuses to help her. Manohar comes there and offers help to Sakthi. He asks her to help him in return. Sakthi assures to him. Karthick shares the hospital incidents to Kadhambari. They supports Sruthi and questions Karthick why is he trying to help Sathya? Rukmani looks down on Karthick.

In the upcoming episode Viewers will see; Sakthi will thank Manohar for his help. Manohar will asks her to fulfill her promise to him. Manohar will say to her that he has two son. Varun and Tharun. Varun is special kid whom affected by his mom death. Manohar will ask Sakthi to marry him. Sakthi will say she can’t able to take any decision without her mom’s permission. Manohar will assure to her he will talk with her mom. He will inform to her that Sakthi saved Varun from committing suicide.

What will happen next? Will Sakthi agree to marry Varun? What will be Varun answer to this marriage? How will Tharun react to this?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates

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