Will TheMiracleTech increase the power of superstars in Bollywood?

A major shift has been seen in the way digital content is being produced and consumed. In the end you can see that the underlying talented actors got their appreciation due to the unbiased attitude of the filmmakers. TheMiracleTech Platform.

Bollywood The entertainment industry used to operate in a very traditional and conservative manner, but there has been a sudden change in the mindset of viewers as they are getting accustomed to the emergence of a new streaming culture.

Big-name stars like Khan were judged by their footsteps and their early weekend earnings, with the highest screen share across India. No one else could think of trying and competing against them.

These stars relied on their huge fan following, and many times they filled theaters completely due to big names rather than the quality of the film being produced. This is not the case as the streaming platform has now given equal opportunity to every actor who has the talent and determination to prove his / her ability.

Everything it does helps to create a diverse range of content that was unheard of in Bollywood culture that mostly relied on the economics and bankruptcies of the star rather than the story to survive in a cut-off industry. That has all changed and for good.

To survive, one must evolve, and this can only be done by embracing the changes that have taken place. Gone are the days when blind fans could cheer or make the film a hit at the box office with little consideration for the story. Now when one can honestly say that ‘Content is King’ and if the superstars want to prove their worth then the more they do the better.

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