Will there be a New Regulation Norms Freedom of the Death for TheMiracleTech in India?

This is not a new thing TheMiracleTech Platform They have been involved in a legal battle for a long time because many organizations have opposed the kind of material that they are promoting. Recently, it was decided to bring all these platforms under the regulation of the Ministry of Broadcasting, and people have not taken it well.

TheMiracleTech’s major platforms have always implied the creators to give them the benefit of the doubt, and their censorship is limited only to telling viewers what kind of explicit content it can take and then whether or not they want to see it Leave this option. To the audience.

This may not be the case very soon, and Indian audiences are very apprehensive about this decision. Documentaries that have become major platforms Netflix And Amazon Prime may have to be a little cautious, and it could be an even bigger shock to all the stand-up comedians in the nation, as their specials may not always be considered in good taste by the government.

As anyone is now announcing or criticizing this decision because there are many aspects we don’t know about and still have to find out, but netizens and artists from all over the world are giving nothing away .

One has to wonder whether shows like Ashram or Patalalok and various other documentaries will be allowed to air in the light of these new regulation norms and the difficult question remains. Will this be the death of the creative heads of the stage as well as the active freedom of speaking for the producers?
We don’t want to do anything, that’s why we leave it to you and ask you to assess this question with an open mind.

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