Wills: Amazon’s first YA series is All About Life’s Life Lesson

Amazon prime video The latest Amazon original is releasing “The Wills” for viewers to be released on December 11, 2020. Recognized as one of the first YA series to be fully developed by Amazon Prime, it will focus on the lives of teenage girls. Island. The series looks like some of its concepts are derived from “Lost” and Netflix’s “The Society”, but whatever it is, it certainly sounds interesting.

One of the biggest things that might attract people about “The Wilds” is that it doesn’t look dystopian at all and is a plus because that genre has been exploiting a lot lately. The show comes after a visit by some teenage girls who board a flight and crash into the water, leaving them stranded on a deserted island. Girls with no knowledge of co-travelers are now forced to know each other and help each other. Beginning is difficult for everyone because everyone is going through their own effort and it is definitely not used for anyone to live on at least one island. As time passes and they understand and realize the reality around them, they begin to explore things to regain civilization.

While doing so, they encounter their own demons as they begin to get along; They feel that it is not only their life but also the mess of others. Others are also facing a lot of pressure in all different angles of life, be it relationships, careers, studies, family, you name it that everyone is going through something. As time goes by they feel that something is not right with the island and how they remained stranded on the island for so long. They feel like something has been done to grab them.

He has a stake in his fun by forgetting all the worries in the world and relieving the moments in his life that wanted to drive him elsewhere. It starts to sound mysterious when they start thinking about whether it is a Bermuda triangle and especially when they see an aircraft flying near them but do not recognize them. As we move forward, things start to get shady, it seems that all this has been planned.

A teen drama that even though shares some common aspects with other series, will probably be able to prove itself as it will touch on very sensitive topics about life and years of growing and building one’s career.

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