Wise Man’s Grandson Season 2; What is the show’s renewal status?

Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 or Kenja no Mago Season 2 is something that many people look forward to. The series was adapted from a manga of the same name. The television series first aired on April 10, 2019. The season ended with 12 episodes and premiered on AT-X, ABC, Tokyo MX and BS11. Fans have been asking for season 2 ever since. The team has not announced anything yet, but a new season can be expected soon. Fans, benefits and feedback from last season all point towards a new one but the team has given nothing to date. Hopefully, if all goes well, we can expect it to be released by the end of 2021. Production may also be delayed due to current epidemic conditions.

What is the story of the series?

The fantasy is based on the life of a simple-paid man who is not reborn but in our world. He re-enters the world of magic and demons and is adopted by a sage. His name is Shin. Merlin, his grandfather, taught him every knowledge he possessed. He has immense powers but once he attains the age of 15, Merlin realizes that she forgot to teach him common sense. Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 will bring in more shenanigans and obstacles will be faced.

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Other updates on Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2

The show has not been officially renewed for season 2 but we can still hold on to our expectations. All signs point to the right way and there is enough source material for a season. We can expect the second season of the premiere next year if production starts immediately. However, the second installment will have more magic and shenanigans to entertain its audience. Fans will have to wait a little longer to get more updates about the show.

The characters in the series are Shin Wolford, August von Earlside, Maria von Messina, Czieleen von Claude, Ellick Corner, Thor von Flegel, Lynn Hughes, Yuri Carlton, Tony Fried, Julius von Littenheim, Mark Bean, and Olivia Stone.

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