With the scolding of merchants, Amazon really wants “Black Friday”

Will it be Black Friday? Even the owners of Amazon do not comment on the subject, while the firm is in multiple policy sites that illustrate the disparity of treatment between physical businesses and online platforms.

The debate over the next edition of Black Friday is gaining momentum. While more and more businesses have been laid off due to imprisonment, voicing opposition to organizing this business event so as not to reinforce the treatment disparity between physical stores and large web platforms, CEO ‘ Amazon has expressed a desire to maintain this promotional period.

Asked about bfm tv, Frédéric Duval said he was “It is very much like to have a Black Friday on Amazon at the end of November” To allow the French to save money as the end of the year holidays approach. “I don’t see why we should deprive French entrepreneurs and French suppliers of this windfall that is Black Friday“, Added the manager.

“we will see”

However, the grip of the event is not certain. Director of 1 e-commerce site in the world released himself “we will see” When the question has been asked. This specifically follows a call from the Minister for Industry Agnès Pannier-Runacher Who asked Amazon a few days ago To suspend your communication campaign on the subject.

The platform was executed and in the process ensured that it wanted to help the merchants “Make your digital transition and join a shop dedicated to French vendors” On the site. Amazon wants “Provide 15 hours program on digital, online sales, social networks” For entrepreneurs, businessmen and shops.

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