Worthy background of Anand Devarkonda

Anand Devarkonda’s second film, Middle class melodies Dropped its theatrical release and streamed online on Amazon Prime Video. The film premiered last night and the initial response has been good. The film makes a good digital clock and Anand Devarkonda makes a point there.

Another bright point in the film is the depiction of the story against Guntur’s background. The upcoming song about various places and food in the city will ignite apathy in those who are alive and who used to live there. Typically, in the film industry, filmmakers focus the story on one location and shoot the film at another location as per their convenience. It is like exploiting the creative freedom that every filmmaker claims. But this is not the case with middle class melodies. The film has got some good locations in Guntur.

This is not the first time that Anand Devarkonda scored on this aspect. Her first film, Dorsani, is a period film with a Telangana background, and despite its results, the film remained true to the background. This is what people call authentic filmmaking and it is also an experience for those who have connections with those places.

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