Xinhua Silk Road: AI empowers China-ASEAN cooperation, helping tap into market opportunities – decoding

Beijing, November 17, 2020 Second, according to Sino-ASEAN attendees, PRNewswire / – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered an important force for Sino-ASEAN cooperation in areas such as infrastructure creation, digital economy, and innovation-driven development. Organized from AI summit 13 to 15 November In Nanning, in the south Of china Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

As the member states of ASEAN have paid a lot of attention to infrastructure construction and geoinformation and mapping is essential for building infrastructure, cooperation in geoinformation and mapping has been given great importance. China And ASEAN. Industry insiders predicted that the scale of China-ASEAN cooperation in land deformation and mapping would be exceeded 10 billion US dollars In the following five years. In this context, AI technology, as a trend in geoinformation and mapping, is expected to promote infrastructure collaboration between China And ASEAN.

The digital economy is also an important area of ​​China-ASEAN cooperation. ASEAN digital technologies are projected to reach value US $ 625 billion By 2030, according to the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025.

China According to China-ASEAN deepen cooperation with ASEAN in the field of digital economy to support epidemic prevention and control in the field of digital economy, such as AI and 3D printing, support digital transformation of industries and promote the development of smart cities Will do. Initiative on establishing digital economy partnership.

Relevant enterprises have contributed to China-ASEAN cooperation in the digital economy. For example, Chinese tech giant Huawei will continue to help Thailand Build an ASEAN-targeted digital hub, and facilitate its implementation Of thailand 4.0 strategy by implementing new technologies and new market business models in the country Abel Deng, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand).

In addition, AI is expected to benefit from innovative development. AI-related educational exchange, technology research and development, patent sharing and talent training can be done by leveraging Sino-ASEAN Internet Application and Innovation Platforms based on joint construction of AI systems, Big Data Centers, Intelligent Computing Centers, etc. Lu Dongliang, president and chairman of China and ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd., said the Lancang-Mekong cooperation fund was built on the idea.

China Is ASEAN’s largest trading partner for ten consecutive years. Chinese enterprises have more than 100 billion US dollars Invest in ASEAN, creating more than 100,000 TMT for local residents.

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