You: Everything you need to know about the upcoming season

You are all set for its third installment, Netflix’s original thriller series, as the series has finally resumed after a long run. Netflix’s official Twitter account announced the resumption of the third season of AAP with a photo of Penn Badley, wearing a mask with ‘Hello You’, the protagonist of the series, who plays the role The character whose name is Joe Goldberg. The caption of the photo was, ‘We recommend you stay 6 feet away from Joe Goldberg at all times. You are back in the making of season 3. ‘

Plot of you season 3

The second season of Yu left fans with many questions, of which Joe would be Joe’s next victim, and it ended at a cliff-hanger. The end of last season saw Joe and Love, now pregnant, in a new neighborhood to start a new life but Joe’s attention is caught by a mysterious neighbor next door. Fans think the neighbor may be their next victim. The series’ creators, and actors have not provided any details about the plot, it is only known that you have a lot of stories to tell in the upcoming new season.


Cast of you season 3

It is of course that Penn Badley is returning as the infamous hunter, Goldberg, and Victoria Pedretti is also returning as Love. In October 2020, it was announced that the following cast would join the cast in the third season- Shalita Grant, Travis van Winkle and Scott Speedman. Some other actors from the previous season of AAP will also return in the third season of the series.

Season 3 release date

The official release date of the third season has not yet been announced by Netflix. It is certain that the third season will be released in the year 2021. If three of you follow the deadline of previous season release dates, it will be revealed in the first half of 2021. You look forward to the rapid arrival of season 3!

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