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Imagine someone staring at you forever. Can you feel the dreaded, creepy, sheer calm your spine? Well, that’s the basis you. Developed by Greg Berlanti and Sarah Gamble for Netflix, the web series is an adaptation of Caroline Kapens’ novel of the same name. Debuting in September 2018, the crime thriller has two seasons so far. And, the second season premiered on 26 December 2019. In addition, each season of the series consists of ten episodes. Although Lifetime aired the first season, Netflix acquired the rights to the series since season two.

With over 90 million viewers, ‘AAP’ is one of Netflix’s most popular offerings. The series also received very positive response from critics. In addition, it has a huge and loyal fan following among the audience.

You Season 3: Release Date.

If we consider the series’ widespread popularity, a renewal was only a matter of time. And, in January this year, Netflix officially renewed it for a third season. Additionally, the streaming giants announced that the psychological thriller would drop sometime Miracle year. However, Kovid-19 has influenced the production of all upcoming releases, and ‘Aap’ is no exception. Therefore, at the moment we expect a new season in late 2021 or early 2022. Nevertheless, we are awaiting an official confirmation in conformity with this.

You Season 3: Potential Cast.

About artists, now we know that Pen badley Goldberg, who will return as the serial killer / hunter. Of course, he will not be alone, as the makers have confirmed the reappearance of Victoria Pedretti as Love Kuin. However, apart from them, we do not know much. Nevertheless, we believe that Robin Lord Taylor will again appear as Will. Others, including Jenna Ortega (Ellie Alves), and James Scully (Forty Quinn), may also make her return. We also think that Love’s friends, such as Melanie Field (Sunrise), Charlie Barnett (Gab), will also revisit their roles.

You Season 3: Expected Plot.

Last season, Jo and Love became a couple who are expecting a child. And all things seemed to indicate happily after it was over. However, this will not happen to you. Season two heavily implied that Joe was not satisfied with his relationship with Love. In addition, fans began to drive him towards a new neighbor. Hence, in season three, Joe will return to his old killing and chasing ways. And the new chapter will also explore a change in the romance of Joe and Love.

Also, Love’s baby is yet to be born as a father. Fan theories suspect that Joe is the father. Instead, they claim that it is the result of Milo and Love’s affair. For now, we are confident that the new season will answer this and all other questions.

U Season 3: Storyline

Tum ‘is a crime drama / psychological thriller series. It revolves around Joe, a serial killer who encounters strangers. He tries to pursue a toxic romantic relationship with them. The first season follows Zoya’s infatuation with Beck. And in season two, he repeats the same pattern with a woman named Pyaar. All the while, he kills various people in search of their romance.

You Season 3: Trailer

Typically, Netflix trailers are released a few months before the season premiere. As such, we consider the promo to drop sometime Miracle year. For more information on this, stay tuned.

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