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If you’re a fan of ‘Call the Midwife’, you’ll be excited to learn that the series has resumed work on their season 10, and you’ll soon be able to meet the characters on your screen.

Located in London’s East End during the late 1950s and 1960scall the Midwife‘Nurse is a show about a group of midwives who deal with the changes of the outside world while managing their everyday lives. His real and compassionate story has succeeded in making a place in the hearts of the audience. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, production of Season 10 had to be interrupted, keeping in mind the safety of the entire cast and crew. However, The patience of fans of the show will soon be rewarded, as filming of season 10 continues And some snippets from the upcoming season were removed in their Christmas Day episode.

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  • Watch the finale episode of ‘Call the Midwife’
  • When can we expect the release of season 10?
  • What will happen in season 10 of ‘Call the Midwife’?
  • Who will be with us in season 10 of ‘Call the Midwife’?

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Before we learn more about season 10, here is a quick recap of the season 9 finale episode

There are many unanswered questions that fans are looking forward to in season 10. At the beginning of the episode, we are shown the Poplar residents posing for bonfires. While some are in control of their preparations, many are struggling in their mind. We see how Petra Bevan and her mother are enthusiastically planning Petra’s wedding. However, all that surprises and amazes us is when we find out that Bonnie (who is also pregnant, btw), Eddie, is dating Petra’s fiance. But just as all lies are unveiled at one time, Eddie’s double life stops when Mrs. Bevan and Petra find him and Bonnie, and their arms together in Sister Hilda’s resting class. Is wrapped. Unable to face the two angry women, Eddie runs away into the night. Later in the episode, we see Bonnie going into labor and delivering a baby girl. However, Petra is miscarried, and ultimately, the marriage is also called off.

‘call the Midwife’

During this, Nurse Valerie Knows about his grandmother’s ill health. He is then Dr. Turner learns that Jail is releasing his grandmother. We see that her grandmother is in grief pain and to honor her final wishes, Valerie calls a minister and changes into her nurse’s uniform. Miracle, we are shown to Valerie to bring ice cream to her grandmother as a part of her tradition, but by the time she returns, her grandmother has left the world. In season 10, fans are eagerly waiting to learn whether the Nonnetas house will be demolished due to slum clearing.

When can we expect season 10 of The Call the Midwife?

Following the fall Christmas episode, fans are awaiting the release of season 10. On August 18, the makers of the show shared some good news with all their fans social media:

“News! Call the Midwife Christmas Special and filming on the tenth-anniversary series !! 😃❤️🚲👶🩺

Huge News !!!

We are pleased to announce …

So far after 9 series,

8 Christmas Specials

81 hour drama,

130 births on screen,

And with sales in over 235 global regions,

Call The Midwife is recommending filming for the Christmas Special 2020 and Series 10 !! ” according to this “I heart british tv’, The show will air on BBC In early 2021. But fans living in the United States have not been disappointed yet, as there is a possibility that the show will air on Netflix Too. When will you be able to stream it? We will bring that information to you soon.

What do we know about season 10?

Well, Sadly, not much has been revealed about the plot of Call the Wife Season 10.. However, from the previous season, we can infer that the story will revolve around a major historical event in that year. With this idea in mind, we can expect a surrounding story The Dunbelling Massacre Or, perhaps, the severe Aberfan disaster in Wales, which has led to the deaths of many children and adults.

Who will return in season 10 of ‘Call the Midwife’?

As far as we know, all the characters will leave the show and return Nurse Valerie, Portrayed by actor Jennifer Kirby. On August 21, Jennifer took to her Instagram to share the disappointing news on her Instagram.

“After four delightful years spent with Call the Midwife, I have decided to say goodbye to Nontas, Val, and the amazing cast, crew and production team. This program is truly a national treasure, and it will always be a great honor for me that it is such a wonderful thing. I can’t wait to see our beloved nontune from the other side of the screen. Long live call the midwife. For so long

He wrote this heartfelt note to all his fans.

Video Credit: This Morning

As fans of Jennifer, we can all say that she will really miss the show. How excited are you for the show’s new season? Drop in your comments and tell us who your favorite character from the show is and what you expect from season 10.

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