YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana 2021 | Pathakam, apply online, registration form, payment status, list

Step by step guide to apply for YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana / Pathkam 2021 registration form, payment status, list

As promised in the election manifesto, the Andhra Pradesh YSR government is implementing a line of welfare schemes. It covers all classes like farmers, women, SC / ST etc. On similar lines, the state government has launched YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana to target married girls in the state. Under this scheme, financially weak people will get help to marry for their daughters. The government claimed that the scheme reduces the burden of parents, reduces the humiliation against women by husbands and in-laws.

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Interested and eligible candidates who want to apply for the scheme can visit the official portal and apply for Kalyan Laxmi Pathakam.

YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana 2021

This article explains the AP YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana, payment status and online process to apply and register for the list.

How to apply for YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana

Let us see the online process to apply for Kalyan Laxmi Pathakam started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

  • In this example, there is no registration form available to apply online on the portal.
  • However, applicants can visit the nearest Village Ward Secretariat or Village Volunteers to begin the application process.
  • If an online registration form is available online on the portal, we will keep you updated.

Kalyan Laxmi Registration Form 2021

  • Manually fill the offline application form given in the Village Ward Secretariat.
  • While filling the application form, applicants should enter details of both bride and groom, communication details, marriage details, bank account details etc.
  • After filling the form, applicants can attach necessary documents and submit them to the concerned personnel.

Check the status of Kalyan Laxmi Scheme application

Let us see the process to check the status of the application of YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana.

  • Candidates can visit the nearest village ward Sachivalayam and check the status of Kalyan Laxmi online application.
  • Applicants can know the status in Sachivalam itself.

How to check Kalyan Laxmi Scheme beneficiary list

Let us look at the process of checking the beneficiary list of Kalyan Laxmi Yojana started by AP State Government.

  • Applicants can check the list of beneficiaries by visiting the relevant village ward attendants or contacting village head volunteers.
  • The officers of the village secretariat will display the beneficiary list in the discussion of the village ward.

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Kalyan Laxmi Pathikam Eligibility Criteria

Let us look at the eligibility criteria that an applicant should be eligible to apply for the Marriage Assistance Scheme launched by AP State Government.

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of AP State.
  • Candidates applying for the scheme should belong to weaker sections of the society.
  • The candidates applying for the scheme should be from SC / ST / BC / minority categories in the state.
  • Applicant’s family income should be less than Rs 2 lakh per year.
  • Applicant girl should fulfill the required age eligibility of the scheme.
  • The educational qualification of the candidate should be at least 10th pass.

Documents required for YSR Kalyan Laxmi Pathakam

Let’s look at the list of documents that applicants are required to submit to register the scheme.

  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Minimum qualification certificate
  • Caste / Community certificate / Minority certificate
  • Family income certificate
  • Wedding invitation card
  • Age certificate
  • Domicile Certificate

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Quick Links

Official portal of AP State Government

Contact: Helpdesk

AP YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana FAQ

What will a beneficiary get through YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana 2021?

Applicants will get monetary assistance of Rs 1 lakh under Kalyan Laxmi Yojana 2021.

Who are eligible to apply for YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana of AP State Government?

Those candidates who are from BC / SC / ST / minority community are eligible for AP State Government’s YSR Kalyan Laxmi Yojana.

Is there any online application form to apply online for YSR Marriage Incentive Scheme of AP State?

Currently, no online application is available on the official portal. We will keep you updated after the online application form is available online.

Is it mandatory for applicants to apply to submit their marriage details and proof at the time of registration?

Yes, applicants have to submit their marriage details and proof at the time of registration.

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