Zack Snyder announces Justice League teaser

Zack Snyder’s Justice League One of the most awaited films of the year, especially after the dramatic cuts from Justice League proved so disappointing. This left most fans without wasting a lot of time and let us try to decode their latest teaser carefully.

Full teaser of Zack snider’Justice League’ is shot in black and white, with ‘Halilujah by Leonard Cohen playing in the background, giving it a dark and melancholy vibe. Most die-hard Zack Snyder fans may also remember that this same music was used in one of the important scenes of ‘Watchman’. We’re starting to think of Zack Snyder’s favorite song for it.

As Jack Snyder promised us, we get to see Darkseid in the trailer, and he is slated to play an important role in Jack Snyder’s Justice League. Conversely, he never appeared on screen in the theatrical version and was limited to only one mention of Steppenwulf.

The future of DCEU looks bleak, and even the headquarters of the Justice League is destroyed. They may have become too keen for observers, but a scorched clown card appears floating in the air when they show us the city, which burns to the ground. If you haven’t noticed it already, go back to the teaser and watch it frame by frame. (Special things for those who get it on the first try)

We get to see Vic Stone more here because he is shown in a dream when he used to be a football star, which comes back to the scene where he sees some kids playing football on the streets and can’t help But reminds us of the good times.

Another character who is playing an important role in Snyder’s cut is Iris West who survives a car accident by Barry. Those who have seen The Flash series will definitely know about her relationship with Barry. We are definitely expecting more from him in the Snyder cut. We also see Aquaman refusing to take off his ceremonial armor, and this leads us to think that perhaps he goes on a soul-searching journey through the ride.

We have the appearance of another god like character who looks nothing like Steppenwolf or Darkseid. This creature is DeSaad (acting as the main torturer for Darkseid) if anything comics. DeSaud is considered one of the most tragic and evil villains in the DC Universe.

Another feature of this teaser is that we get to see Superman in his black suit as promised again by Zack Snyder. The haunting dream sequence in Batman v Superman where Batman is captured is similar to the city that is shown in the hut in the teaser, and although that may not mean it is a great deal, it is further from the franchise. Can help connect the dots.
With the introduction of new characters and what looks like a quintessential dark-themed DC teaser, Zack Snyder’s Justice League has already gained a lot of hype. The final scene in the teaser where the entire crew is standing together with Aquaman, finally admiring his Atlantic armor, can make you feel cold if you’re a DC fan.

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