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Zack Snyder’s updated Justice League trailer is nothing new apart from the black and white tone and some expected shots

A few weeks ago the fox went into a frenzy when he found out that the trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League had been taken down from YouTube. While fans speculated on wild theories, the case stood on copyright issues Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ song. On the third anniversary of the release of Justice League Theater, Snyder released a new trailer in Black and White.

Watch: Justice League: Director’s Cut | Hbo max

Of justice league new Updated Black and White Trailer

The new or say Hum updated trailer generated a lot of buzz but honestly it is the same trailer in Black and White. Snyder in a previous The interview Black and white noted the importance of the color scheme. he said,

My ideal version of the film is the black-and-white IMAX version of the film. For me, the most fan, purest, most judgmental league experience. Because I lived in black and white with this film for two years.

Most YouTubers’ initial trailer response was’ Is this the same trailer in black and white? ‘. In addition, the trailer brought a new name for Snyder’s Cut. The HBO Max version is now called Justice League: Director’s Cut. Some of the couples in the trailer show Cyborg, Batmobile, Darkseid in all their glory and the Amazon Queen charging into the battlefield. And of course Superman’s hologram!

Snyder disbanded the trailer for fans, but there was nothing new we didn’t already know. While there is nothing wrong with the updated trailer. Fans may have become acquainted with receiving exciting new details every time Jack Snyder decides to interact with them.

In addition, Snyder has announced that Justice League’s assembly is cut lock meaning that four episodes are locked and now the team is only working on finalizing VFX. The new Steppenwulf design means more elaborate. He is transformed into a shot with Darkseid. Cyborg’s back story is shown in one additional shot and the speed of the flash is seen in another.

Why the original trailer was taken downThe

Back in August Zac Snyder gave us the first official trailer for the Justice League cut during the DC FanDome event. The fans turned to his foresight and, seeing his struggle, finally reached the end. The trailer was set on Leonard Cohen’s famous track Halilujah, which Snyder is very fond of. The trailer had to be taken down due to a copyright issue for the music this month. The new trailer however has the same song. WB officials and Snyder took the opportunity to mark the third-year anniversary of the JL Theatrical Cut release when the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement began to re-release the trailer.

Snyder, who is famous for cutting his own trailers, also worked on it and, therefore, was expected out of it. While the hype is the real trailer it failed to match. However, social media is full of praise for the director’s cut and rightfully so. However, a little bit Jared Leto’s Joker or Robin’s Predecessor The update won’t harm the trailer or maybe anything Additional photography may have helped.

While a new trailer was not needed three months before the line, the opportunity presented itself and was captured by WB and Snyder. And how can one complain when fans like it but honestly, there’s nothing new with the trailer, not even the hype.

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