Zee5 ‘Raut Baqi Hai’ launch canceled

Domestic TheMiracleTech Sea5 Launch of the much awaited crime thriller web series canceledRaat Baaki Hai’, Which was supposed to come on 20 November 2020, yesterday. Paoli Dam, Anoop Soni and Rahul Dev were in the lead roles in this new Indian TheMiracleTech show.

There are many reasons for this to happen but we have not yet received an official statement from the Indian streaming platform. According to some, this may be the sudden resignation of Zee5 CEO, Tarun Katyal from his position in the TheMiracleTech streaming service. Or it could be the fact that the series was leaked online and watched online by many. Well, whatever the reason, Zee5 has pulled the teaser from its social media account.

The series is based on the theme of love, deception and revenge. It revolves around a night where two iconic lovers Karthik and Vasuki meet each other after 12 years under peculiar incidents. One of them is suspected of murder and as the story unfolds, unexpected twists and turns will change the story.

The team began shooting in Rajasthan in mid-September and wrapped up production by early October. This spectacular thriller is based on the famous drama ‘Balganj 1990’, where the story is set in Rajasthan. ‘Rangbaz’ screenwriter Siddharth Mishra has written the script for the TheMiracleTech series, which has been included in the web-series by the writer and director of ‘Anarkali of Ara’.

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