Zero Zero Zero: The Insider View of Global Cocaine Trade

Wow, I know it’s hard to take something that starts with Zero seriously, but the trailer of Zero Zero Amazon Chief ‘s YouTube channel will definitely be noticed. Zero Zero Zero is based on a novel that goes by the same name and looks to explore the inner world of the global cocaine trading industry.

Buyers, sellers and brokers are all essential parts in this big racket, and they each have their own ulterior motives. Some are doing it for more significant benefits, while some of them are doing it for a living and some so that their loved ones can live a decent life.

We all know the harmful effects of cocaine and other drugs, yet we always wonder why their production and consumption increase every single year. This answer comes from the eye and is very complex because this whole nexus provides money and life for many people.

At the end of the trailer “Money Solves Everything” is a testament to how we have become slaves to money and power in a capitalist regime that makes us feel petty and abusive if we don’t delve ourselves into this rat race Let’s up.

While this may sustain you for some time, the pressure to maintain such a lifestyle always puts a lot of burden on you and those around you where ultimately your decisions are more on your conscience and more money instead of zero zero. Are guided by the need to create. The highlights at that point were rather bright.

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