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Business Wire IndiaThe epidemic has created an environment where businesses need to be innovative to meet the challenges of the new normal. Online exhibitions and buyer-seller meeting platforms have emerged as a destination for those seeking expansion and diversity in the present-day changing landscape. With this in mind, the Zhejiang Export Online Fair 2020 has announced a unique opportunity for baby suppliers and stakeholders in the baby toys industry to meet and generate business through video conferencing. Online fair will be held from 23rdThird On 27Th November 2020 and baby suppliers and baby toys buyers from India are targeted who are looking to source innovative products and goods from major Chinese suppliers.

Supported by CREAT, will see expo Over 40 top manufacturers in Zhejiang are showcasing their latest range of baby suppliers and baby toys sector from Indian buyers. There will be myriad options to choose from – ARCHITECT TOYS, EDUCATIONAL TOYS, WOODEN TOYS, BABY STROLLER, BABY HIGH CHAIR, CHILDREN CAR, BABY WAKER, JUMPER, CHILDREN BIKE / TOYS DOLL, BABYEDYINGING, BINGYEDING, BADY, CHINDRY, CHILDREN, NADY Spooner, powerful ozone water stiller, electric scooter, drift scooter, electric bike, electric balance scholar, carry cart, electric skatebore, electric motorcycle, children’s express, TDRDR, TDRDRS;

It is an excellent platform to strengthen the baby suppliers and baby toys industry of India and Zhejiang. At a time when there has been a new decrease in business due to restrictions on travel and transportation, this expo will boost business opportunities and help stakeholders explore new avenues to diversify and expand the existing business environment. The range of products has been chosen keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian market.

All discussions between participants will be online through the Zoom video conferencing platform.

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