Zombie Reddy release date confirmed – TheMiracleTech

January 12, 2021

Hero Zombie Reddy, directed by Prashanth Verma as Teja Sanja’s debut film, was surprisingly out of the race for solstice, although the makers announced a month earlier that it would be coming to theaters for the festival. In the interim, Prashant Verma came up with a video byte revealing the new date.

The director said that the team postponed the release of the film, after consulting with key players in the industry. “We were asked to postpone the film. Zombie Reddy will be in theaters on February 5, ”the director announced.

The first film on Corona and Zombie, the trailer was well received among all classes. Anandi and Daksha Nagarkar played the lead women in the film, which stars Mark K. Robin.

Zombie Reddy is produced by Raj Sekhar Verma.

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