Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v4.3.1 (unlimited gold, diamonds) for free

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK Out now! Zombie games have managed to gain a huge fan following over the years. Most of them are simply based on an original formula and it is introducing the element of zombie apocalypse to the players. These styles usually have a similar format. It involves an outbreak of some type of deadly virus and the survival of mankind is always at stake. When bitten by these wild and dumb creatures, people turn into flesh-eating demons. Some lucky people manage to survive in this type of apocalyptic atmospheres. And we assume that you know the rest of the play. Have you ever thought about zombies? how do they work? How do they get zombie form? What is his thinking strategy? Okay, you don’t have to think about the last question because many films and TV series have shown us that these evil creatures do not have the simple power of thinking. But there is no doubt that this scenario looks very interesting. This is why we have the Zombie Tsunami Mod app for all of you Unlimited gold and diamonds!

Zombie Tsunami Mod App Description

Name Zombie tsunami
Compatibility Android 4.1 and above
Edition 4.3.1 is
Created and Published by Mobigame Sarl
Google Play Store Link Click here
Cost free
Shape 67 MB
MOD available
category Arcade

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Zombie Tsunami Mod App Description

The game is very different from all the other major and huge zombie entries you’ve enjoyed before. This time you will play the role of the antagonist instead of being a normal hero. Your character transforms into a meat-eating zombie in the early stage of the game. The ultimate goal is to convert all remaining humans into zombies and eat every living organism on our planet. Invasions of cities and villages, cutting off people, building a large zombie army, and many are some of the tasks you have to do in this game. Do not forget that you are a pure destroyer!

If you see scary and desperate people on the streets or in any other open areas, try to get them first because they are very easy to catch. The large army of zombies helps you achieve your goals in the game. The main character can unlock many skills such as ninja, quarterback, balloon, dragon, UFO, and much more to gain an advantage over the general public.

Zombie Tsunami Mod App Features

Open skill

The basic version of the game always comes with limited skills. We have to complete the tasks that are given in the game to unlock them. However, the mod apk version provides all these unlocked skills.

Unlimited gold and diamonds

You do not have to worry about in-game currency as they are in endless amounts in this latest mod apk version. Gold and diamonds are a very important part of this game and their earnings help us to buy many important in-game items. The more we complete the mission, the more gold and diamonds we will earn. But there is an infinite amount of these shiny little beauties present in this modern APK file.

Hanging pets

There is only one way by which we can lay our hands on our favorite pets and that includes buying their eggs. But we have already given you unlimited money mod in this mod apk file. Yes, you got it right! You can buy any pet you want and become its best friend. Additionally, they are divided into two broad categories: general and mythological.

More than 300 missions

Apart from these, some new and exciting missions have also been added to this game. Each level is unique and the difficulty level increases with each passing step.

How to install Zombie Tsunami Mod App?

  • First of all download the Zombie Tsunami Mod APK from the download link given below.
  • Now you will be redirected to our Telegram channel, download APK from there
  • Install Zombie Tsunami Mod APK by allowing unknown source in your Android device now
  • Now open Zombie Tsunami Mod APK
  • Enjoy the hack features of Zombie Tsunami Mod APK in your Android device
  • That is, you have successfully installed the mod apk in your device

The conclusion

We believe it is safe to accept that the Zombie Tsunami Mod app is very unique compared to all the other zombie installments currently running in the gaming market. This enables us to see from the point of view of a zombie. Also, it is much better than the original version of the game. It has some bonuses and unlocked features that will definitely help you in completing your mission. We strongly recommend that you download this game now!

Frequently asked questions about the Zombie Tsunami Mod App

Q. Do we have to pay any kind before playing the Zombie Tsunami Mod app?

not answer! This modern apk file is free! You do not need to pay anything.

Q. What about its update? Do we have to update it regularly?

not answer! You don’t have to worry about it because it updates on its own.

Q. Is this a security threat to our devices?

not answer! This modern APK file is safe to use in your devices.

Zombie tsunami mod app download link

Click here to download

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