Michael Patrick Kelly Net Worth

Short introduction

Michael Patrick Kelly is an American-Irish composer, singer and musician who was born in Dublin in December 1977. His older siblings already appeared as the Kelly Kids during this time and from 1978 the entire family appeared as “The Kelly Family” on public streets and squares, which gave them some notoriety.

All family members wore long hair and long robes or hippie clothes. In total, the family sold more than 20 million records all over the world and became the most successful family of musicians in Europe.

Early life
Michael Patrick Kelly was born into an extended family on December 5, 1977. He was the tenth child of his father, Daniel Jerome Kelly, an American. He was the sixth child for his mother, Barbara-Ann Suokko, also an American.

The parents were descendants of Irish immigrants who emigrated to the United States at the time of the devastating famine in Ireland. So it came about that Michael Patrick Kelly was finally born in Dublin, Ireland.

Patrick Kelly, who is also called Paddy Kelly, grew up with four half siblings and seven full siblings. At the age of only five, Paddy Kelly lost his beloved mother. This circumstance led the family into a serious crisis.

The father, who was now a single parent, could not save the family from poverty. Patrick Kelly traveled the streets of Europe with his family to earn money as a street musician. The family spent a total of twelve years on the streets of Europe and the USA.

Several concerts a day were no exception. Michael Patrick Kelly quickly became an entertainer on the stage. He announced his family’s show acts and introduced the singers.

As a boy, he quickly learned the first instrument, the pennywhistle, in German for beak flute. It is a typical British instrument with six finger holes. His father mastered the instrument and was able to teach him.

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